Mandatory Legal Notices For A Flyer

Mandatory information flyer: What does the law say? You are aware that commercial companies have the obligation to display at least the legal notice for a flyer . And yes, we must not forget that a flyer is an advertising document in its own right. So it is essential to provide the minimum mandatory information according to your product sold and commercial activity. What mandatory legal notices for flyers? The legislation to know to avoid financial Saint Helena Email List fines With the explosion of online printing like or, it is now very easy to get out of print projects.

So printing flyers or business cards has become a snap. But it is still necessary to respect the conditions and legal notices for the advertisers. Indeed, neglecting a flyer legal obligation can result in a financial fine. And depending on your activity, several legal notices may be required for your flyer or printed communication. So let’s detail together these few essential obligations. Mandatory information on the advertiser’s flyer First, identifying your business. Indeed, this legal obligation can cost you a fine of up to 750 € uros.

Then must appear on your flyer the following elements:

Name of the company or its social & commercial name. But also the social & legal form with capital. Finally the number of the Trade & Company Register called “RCS”. And the city of registration of your company. It is easily understandable that these legal notices are requested for a rapid identification of the advertiser company. Mandatory information on advertising documents If you have printed your leaflets yourself, do not forget to indicate on them the words “Printed by us” Compulsory formula on your advertising flyers according to the Environmental Code.

The words “do not throw on the public highway” will make consumers aware of respect for the environment. Mandatory legal notices on the formatting of the flyer And here we will immediately evoke article 3 of the law of July 29, 1881 . Indeed, it may surprise you that legal rules from the end of the 19th century still apply. This article requires advertisers to mention the name and address of the printer. If by chance, you have printed on your own, you will have to affix the words “Printed by us”. Please note that in the event of an infringement and failure to comply with this notice, a fine of 3,750 euros may be claimed from you.

We will agree, the little mention is very expensive

Legal notices flyer obliging the drafting in French Indeed, the Toubon law n ° 94-665 of August 4, 1994 requires that all advertising communication (TV, Radio or Printing) be at least in the French language . It is, moreover, with this Law that Nike’s slogan “Just do It” has been translated into “Do it” in its various forms of advertising. To find the complete saga of the brand on Wikipedia, it’s here . The fine incurred for this offense amounts to € 750. Legal obligations in terms of layout It is a question here of respecting the right of intellectual property. Therefore, the photo credit of the images used must be clearly mentioned.

And of course the written permission of the author is strongly recommended to avoid any complaints. Also, if you buy licenses from image banks, often the author of the image (or reseller) sets the media parameters. For example, an image for the web will be much cheaper than an HD image for the audiovisual industry in terms of license acquisition. Legal obligations for the planet & the environment The environmental code through article L.541-10-1 requires flyer publishers to “encourage consumers to respect the environment and to collect waste”.

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