Many Examples Show This To Us Now In Conclusion

our belief (and perhaps we took longer than others as a Search agency to achieve this) is that SMO is essential for every business model , including those whose pressure on the ROI is permanent. Refusing to learn this new language would mean, for a pilot, refusing to retract his flaps and therefore wanting to cross the Atlantic at reduced speed and consuming too Qatar WhatsApp Number List much fuel. Jerome Keloghlanian , Founder Ikom – Labelium Group

While it’s great to take other brands’ campaigns as a benchmark, there are many variables to consider. Leverage search term reports as they can help identify the short and long term success of Sponsored Brands ads with manual keyword selection. Start with, at least, 25-50 keywords with search intentions that represent the products you’ve included in your branded ad. Experiment and keep learning. Over the past six months, Amazon has demonstrated that it is willing to continue developing and enabling new features for advertisers, and we hope that trend continues.

Whether You Are A Small Business With No Amazon Advertising Experience

or have extensive advertising knowledge and work in the marketing department of a huge conglomerate, we recommend that you familiarize yourself with these new features and start them immediately. A / B testing to optimize your Sponsored Brands ads before Q4. Want to learn more about Sponsored Brands Ads or take advantage of our experience to optimize your Amazon Advertising? Contact us directly through our web page .

Business Planning: redistribution of advertising investment The public consumption mode change has revolutionized Digital Media Plans for 2020. According to the study Coronavirus Research of Globalwebindex during the confinement , the activities in which users spend the most time are monitoring the news, generally through a Smart TV (67%), watching audiovisual content in streaming (45%) and, of course, using social networks (45%) . Currently, many advertising campaigns rely on video marketing because their objective is to strengthen branding and user loyalty.

We Sow So That We Can Later Reap The Fruits Of Our Labor

Advertising in audiovisual content is experiencing an unprecedented boom, but we must not forget that it is a very versatile channel which also makes it possible to invite action. Formats like TrueView for Action on YouTube, where we can target ads for traffic or leads, are proof of this. LUCÍA GONZÁLEZ , AUDIO, VIDEO & CONNECTED TV MANAGING DIRECTOR AT LABELIUM GROUP However, it is time to readjust budgets, make estimates and plan the performance deployment that will accompany the de-escalation, as online advertising will play a fundamental role in reactivating post-Covid-19 sales .

Prioritization of product lines and adjustment of e-commerce As the analysis of the e-commerce platform Stackline shows , COVID-19 has driven demand in some sectors very selectively, so the marketing strategy must now be structured according to product lines . This has a direct impact on the configuration of e-commerce : it is necessary to adapt it in order to stimulate booming products and offer the best possible shopping experience. Furthermore, the impossibility of direct contact with the articles makes the website information on their characteristics and the available stock more important than ever to stimulate sales and, in addition, to gain organic positions .


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