Black Friday is approaching and it is essential to prepare your business or online store to achieve a significant increase in sales on this day Kazakhstan Phone Number especially designed for purchases. In this article we want to give you some tips and 6 digital marketing strategies for Black Friday . Optimize your business for this great event! Marketing strategies for Black Friday.

Planning of prices or products

How are you going to focus on Black Friday in your business or online store? You are going to apply discounts on your products, create an exclusive product for that date… There are many options to apply, but it is important to take into account the following recommendations: If you are going to apply a discount: You should not make a general discount of the entire web, it is better to choose X products to discount in price. Why? For many reasons. When thinking about pricing strategies for Black Friday, the mistake is made of thinking that all discounts are valid for all products.

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It is not the same to apply a discount

to a product in which you have a large profit margin than in another in which it is very tight and all you do is lose money. Well, it is convenient that you choose products to apply discounts either because you want to remove that product from stock, because it is your star product, etc. If you generate a product for these dates: This option can be very interesting since you offer the consumer something that they will not have the opportunity to obtain again at a time other than this date. This creates a sense of urgency and missed opportunities, which increases sales. Discounts and added value: Very important within the digital marketing strategies for Black Frida and they are the discounts. How to apply them? You can promote one product per day.

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