In recent years, the proportion of weather forecast modules attached to mobile devices and other applications has been increasing, and the accuracy Mexico Phone Number is also getting higher and higher, and the flow of ink weather is being eroded. In addition, more than 90% of users only install one weather application, which shows that the accuracy of weather forecast applications in the market is close, and one application can meet user needs.

Although Moji Weather has formed a user path dependence due to its early entry and occupies a huge amount of traffic, the core functional differences between Moji Weather and other similar applications are not obvious, the substitutability is high, and there is no obvious competition barrier and brand effect. At this critical moment of market refinement, it is still unknown who will die in the end.

2. User Analysis

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Mexico Phone Number

1. User portrait

There is more demand for weather.

In terms of geographical distribution, more than 50% come from East China and Central China, mainly in provinces and regions with large populations and high mobility, among which Shandong, Henan, and Jiangsu provinces have the most.


Analyze the reasons:

They start planning work and life, paying attention to any event that can affect the plan, such as the weather, etc. Among them, middle-aged men have become the mainstay of the family, and they have begun to focus on avoiding risks and planning their lives.

As the saying goes, the more you care, the more you pay attention.

The editor is a 28-year-old male who is about to run for 3. I never paid attention to the weather before, but now I have to start paying attention to the weather. There is no way, when you go out with your girlfriend, you should pay attention to the weather; when your parents are older, you should pay attention to the weather in their place; you should also pay attention to the weather before you go out for work, otherwise it is likely to be a dead chicken;

It is foreseeable: in the near future, when you have children, you will need to pay more attention to the weather, especially when the children go to school…

Hey… I’m heartbroken, think about it, it’s really not easy for parents to grow up so big! ! ! ! This shows that with the increase of age, the user’s demand for weather gradually increases.

From this, it can be seen that the user portraits of Moji Weather are: mainly males, aged 30 to 50 years old, people in areas with large population movements, and people who pursue planning and quality of life.

2. User path

Under what circumstances would you want to know the weather and want to open an app?

From the user’s point of view, the scenarios in which users enter the APP are as follows:

  1. Morning and evening: determine the weather, dress for the next day, rain gear, travel mode;
  2. Going out: Check the weather of a specific place in a specific time period in the future and keep an eye on it;
  3. Concerns about abnormal weather: the impact on yourself (worrying about relatives and friends, or preparing yourself for preventive measures), or curiously paying attention to national events;

Share good weather and good mood.

User requirements can be extracted from it:

  1. You need to check the local weather conditions for the next day or days;
  2. It is necessary to inquire about the weather in different places, and have channels to obtain the real-time local conditions;
  3. Need to be able to understand extreme weather conditions across the country and around the world;
  4. We need a platform that can record and share good weather and good mood.

Attachment: Users are mainly over 30 years old. This group of people has to take care of both their careers and their families. Their time is fragmented, and they have no overall time to pay attention to the outside world. However, such people are more eager to communicate with the outside world and understand the information from the outside world. Therefore, valuable information is also the needs of users.

3. Functional Analysis

There are many sections of Moji Weather, and the core has four sections, namely: Weather, Time, Mall and Me.

Moji Weather is first and foremost a weather application. The core purpose of users entering the application is to obtain the weather conditions of today or in recent days.  Therefore, the core function of Moji Weather is the weather function .

1. Weather section

As a weather tool application, I believe that all users are most concerned about the weather forecasting function.

Let’s compare the weather forecast of Moji Weather and other similar apps:


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