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Optimize your SEO & Google WordPress SEO WordPress SEO: 10 basic rules 1 – Page Title First, like for a mailing or for a press article, it is the essential element with its content . And, this title must be clear, precise, catchy and of a maximum of 60 characters . 2 – The Meta Description of the page So, this is the ad written for the search engines. Indeed, these are the “Impressions” of your ads in the various search results on Google, Bing & Yahoo. Of course, you must include your keyword, but also to be well summarized to encourage the user to click on Samoa Email List your link. 3 – The keywords used to optimize your SEO After defining the list of your keywords, it is a question of integrating them into the “Body”.

To optimize your SEO , all you have to do is write your content by integrating your associated keywords & phrases. 4 – The URL of your web page So your URL is very strategic. The simplification of your domain name composition must be activated in your CMS (WordPress, Prestashop…). Then, your URL must of course be clear for the Internet user but also effective for the search engines. 5 – Title tags “Header H1” The markup of your text for search engines … So it’s the tag that makes your text selection more visually important. And, the H1 tag is generally used to title its content.

Search engines pay special attention to this tag

A text structure and an outline will allow you to write better in your web content. 6 – Then the Title tags “H2 to H7” So these tags are used to structure your content. And we naturally know that a structure attracts and retains the eye . Then the future of SEO will lead to a better definition of H2 & H3 Tags in order to offer precise content . Content quality will always be the focus of WordPress SEO optimization. 7 – Images & Graphics First of all, choose the file type according to the embedded image. That is : – JPEG for quality images. – GIF for images with colors. – PNG for graphics.

The resolution of the images on your site is fundamental. Indeed, this affects the loading time. 8 – Description of the images So here, it’s about always renaming your image. Then integrate the selected keywords with a short description. 9 – Alt Tags If the description of the images is more useful to readers, the ALT tags are intended for search engines. Adding ALT tags to your images therefore improves your SEO. 10 – The internal links of your website Incorporating hyperlinks that link to other complementary pages on your site is an excellent way to maintain the interest and presence of the Internet user on your site.

To optimize SEO via its links, you must place the hyperlink in keywords

That compliment your article. SEO WordPress site & SEO Google WordPress To conclude, you will understand that the optimization of its SEO involves both search engine robots and their algorithms. But also the structure, the description of your content . Knowing how to write for the Web is a profession & must respect a certain number of processes.

And according to marketing studies, it appears that spelling errors can discourage consumers from completing their bill of sale. So let’s be pragmatic, a minimum of proofreading when you take your pen to write for the communication of your company. Also, do not hesitate to call on spell checkers. Moreover, do not believe that once the corrector scan has passed on your text, there are no more errors. But let’s say that the vast majority has been corrected! Anyway, you reread it again, right?😉 Abusing keyword repetition is counterproductive Yeh! We liked our post!

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