More Tools To Use To Optimize The Administration Of A WordPress Site

tools to use to optimize the administration of a WordPress site Creation or redesign of a new site, management and development of the performance of a site or carrying out an audit on an existing site, all these missions contribute to the success of your web project . The list of tasks to accomplish these missions is long. This is why using tools to help you with these laborious tasks and save you time comes in handy. We have listed for you the Reunion Email Lists essential tools (also called “plugin” or “plug-in”) that will make your daily life easier and make you extraordinarily productive.

Yoast SEO Yoast SEO is the most essential tool to integrate on your WordPress website. Indeed, Yoast SEO is the best solution to adopt to improve your SEO on WordPress. This SEO optimization tool allows you to: Write flawless content optimized for all search engines directly from your wordpress editor To choose the pages you want referenced on the search engines Send a sitemap to Google Add a breadcrumb trail To manage posting on social networks etc …

Duplicator Looking to migrate

Copy or clone a site from one location to another, Duplicator is the ideal tool to do this with ease. This plugin will create a compressed file including your entire site (theme, content, database, extensions, etc.) that you can retrieve on the destination location. For example, you can switch your site installed locally from your computer to an online server. Tools to improve the SEO of your website Yoast SEO is an essential tool to optimize your SEO Tools to speed up the loading of your site’s pages Improve Your Site Speed ​​Using a Cache Plugin Jetpack by WordPress plugin This extension is a real Swiss Army knife, thus offering an alternative to many plugins.

It alone has dozens of very useful functions: Site statistics (Google analytic simplified version), antivirus, backup systems, monitoring option, sharing option. JetPack is for those who want to simplify their life without having to master a multitude of plugins, a very good general plugin to start. AMP by Automattic This plugin allows you to create a mobile version of your wordpress in AMP format. The AMP format improves the speed of loading pages on a smartphone, a detail that should not be overlooked because it is a performance much appreciated by the Google search engine. Indeed, since 2016, Google has been highlighting AMP pages in the result pages of its mobile search engine.

Redirection When you create a website

Or when you redesign your site, you have a high chance of encountering 404 errors. And a 404 error is an error returned by the server to your browser when a page cannot be found. . Obviously, this is a blocking factor that prevents the Internet user from going further. Also, this error can come from various origins. As for example, the update of a badly configured plugin, a migration without the necessary redirection installations, an error in the spelling of a url … This error has a big impact on your SEO if its number is too large. So it must therefore be remedied very quickly. For this, you can install the Redirection plugin. And boom by magic, this plugin will alert you to broken links.

But also will allow you to redirect them to an existing page. WPML WPML is an essential tool for developing a multilingual site. It allows you to duplicate the pages and articles of your sites. But also to translate them into as many languages ​​as you want. In addition, WPLM allows you to translate your texts but also those from the widgets or the WordPress theme used. And the vast majority of themes are tailored to work with WPML. W3 TOTAL CACHE or WPROCKET Speed ​​is an important point generally relegated to the last ranks of priorities.

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