Naming & Branding: 5 Steps To Choose Your Business Name

Your name, the first cry for the birth of your business. That’s it, you have decided to launch your business. All you need is the name of your company! First of all, know that your naming (branding) is the signature of your brand . It is important to choose your name carefully, because it will embody your values ​​and the spirit of your company. How to Canada Phone Number List Database find your brand name? “Names” that make your mouth water! Finding your name is an essential step in creating your brand identity . It’s (almost) the same stress as finding a name for your child. And yes, your business is kind of your baby.

A naming agency can help you find the ideal name for your project. You can also choose to search for your name alone or with your team. So you are wondering how to find the perfect name , the one you will scream from the rooftops to talk about your products and services? In this article, you will find all the keys you need to choose the right business name. NAMING: TO EACH HIS NAME When you talk about your business, you always present it by name. Besides, to sell your products, you use either the name of the product or that of your brand.

This shows how important naming branding is

What is naming? Naming is a creative process of creating a name for a business or product. This phase of reflection requires a certain creativity, a know-how, without forgetting a little technique. A good business name should have the following qualities: Easy to pronounce Memorable Unique, of course! In addition, you must ensure that the name chosen reflects your business . It can also represent your industry. For example, if you are a producer who sells his fruits and vegetables directly to consumers in Toulon, you could be called: Le Terroir Toulonnais. The terroir immediately refers to the countryside, food and local consumption. This name also affirms the values ​​of work, authenticity, quality…

In addition, “Toulonnais” underlines your geographical position, where your terroir is. If you do not have the necessary know-how, we recommend that you use a naming agency. Otherwise, discover the brand name creation process without further ado. Find a local business name. WHAT ARE THE STEPS TO FOLLOW TO FIND YOUR BUSINESS NAME? Are you impatient to know how to create a business name? We come there. Here are the main steps to find your business name: 1. Some questions to define the guidelines of the name Who am I ? What am I selling? What services do I offer? Whose ?

What do I want to convey?

What market am I positioning myself in? What is my added value in relation to my clients? What are the names of my competitors? 2. Brainstorm to define your brand identity Brainstorm to find your business name. The interest of doing naming branding is the search for an original name! To find yours, you must necessarily go through the brainstorming box. This will allow you to stimulate and nourish your creativity . To do this, take a trip to the Internet to spot the trends in name creation and their developments in your industry. You can also buy books of the type “one (pre) name forbabybusiness “.

Next, find out who your competition is and write down their names. The idea is to see what is happening in your industry by spotting the keywords that come up often. 3. Find the names that stand out Continue the process by making a list of potential names . The birth of your business is coming soon, you absolutely have to find a name, but at this point, take a break for a few days to take a step back. Other ideas may emerge.

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