Natural Or Paid Referencing: What To Choose For Your Business?

For brands, gaining a prominent place in search engine results has become a key success factor. To gain visibility on Google or Bing, two solutions: the SEO or SEO , and the paid listings , or SEA . These two techniques work quite distinctly and serve different purposes, but is it really relevant to oppose them? SEO, paid search, or both? We explain to you. What is SEA? SEA, or Search Engine Advertising , relates to the placement of sponsored ads in Ukraine WhatsApp Number List search results. Also called paid search, SEA consists of buying visibility on specific keywords and phrases in order to quickly appear at the top of search results.

This purchase is made through a cost-per-click auction system from search engine advertising agencies, such as Google Ads or Bing Ads. In this context, it is possible to serve different types of ads, from simple text ads to Shopping ads to promote a product or a category of products, including dynamic ads that conform to the terms searched by the user. Why do SEA? Now that we have defined SEA in general terms, here are the reasons why it is interesting to do paid referencing: To acquire traffic quickly: the visibility obtained by setting up sponsored links is immediate, which means that your campaign appears in the first results from its launch. You can then see the number of visitors to your site increase and generate sales.

To Boost A Newly Created Website: Indeed, When A Website Takes Its

first steps on the web, the traffic from natural referencing can be difficult to expect. Setting up a paid referencing campaign will allow you to quickly gain visibility to generate activity on your website while waiting for organic visibility. To obtain visibility during a specific period: at Christmas, during the sales, at the start of the school year or at the approach of an event, paid referencing allows brands to ensure their presence online in order to promote their periodic offers at the right time. What is SEO? SEO first position SEO (Search Engine Optimization) , or natural referencing, refers to all the techniques aimed at improving the ranking of a website in organic search results.

To do this, we proceed to an optimization of the website in 3 axes: the technical dimension , from its architecture to its optimization for mobile devices, including all the criteria that determine the quality of the user experience (loading speed, visual stability, interactivity, etc.). content strategy , by selecting the expressions and keywords on which to position yourself, and by creating editorial content around new pages, a blog, or via the establishment of a semantic cocoon. The objective for each content is to respond to an intention defined by Internet users. the popularity by working to increase the number and quality of inbound links to the site from trusted sources (netlinking).

Why Do Seo?

As you will have understood, SEO or natural referencing is fundamental work, but why is it so important and what objectives does it serve? To ensure long-term visibility: if they require regular work and a little patience, the results obtained thanks to SEO will allow you to gain lasting visibility on search engines, a stable and lasting growth factor for companies from all sectors. To gain credibility: Unlike the first position obtained through paid referencing, the first organic position is a guarantee of quality and confidence in the eyes of Internet users and attests to the relevance of a website.

This organic presence will allow you to significantly improve your brand image and establish your credibility in the market. To optimize your marketing expenses: of course, optimizing a website for natural referencing is not free, but unlike paid referencing, the visibility obtained thanks to SEO persists even when the budget is cut! Ultimately, a well-optimized website can stay in an advantageous position with a few updates and a regular supply of content. SEO & SEA, why not do both? In fact, paid and natural referencing reveal the best of their potential when they are put in place together .

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