We’ve said it many times, crawlability is an important aspect of SEO. And so optimizing the crawlability of your site is something you should do. Using tools such as Yoast SEO Premium can help make this easier for you.

Crawlers may come to your site multiple times a day. Sometimes they visit your site to discover new content, sometimes they come by to check if there are any new updates. But every time they arrive on your site, they will surely crawl everything that looks like a URL to them. Because of this, it’s very likely for a URL to be crawled multiple times per day.

This is not the way things should be. For the most part, you’re unlikely to Netherlands Mobile Number make multiple changes on a URL on a given day. Not to mention, almost every CMS output URLs that don’t make sense that crawlers can safely skip. But instead of skipping these URLs, crawlers will crawl them, again and again, every time they come across one. All this unnecessary crawling takes up energy resources which makes this a harmful practice for our planet.

That’s why in SEO Premium 18.6, we introduced the first addition to our crawl settings, allowing you to better manage what search engines can skip on your site. Within this section, which is still in beta, you can find many toggles that let you turn off various things that WordPress automatically adds to your site that most sites won’t miss. Netherlands Mobile Number In SEO Premium 18.7, we’ve expanded on the list of settings you can toggle and we will continue to do so in future releases of SEO Premium.


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Want to learn all about crawlability?

Although crawlability is just the basics of technical SEO (it has to do with all the things that enable Google to index your site), it’s already pretty advanced stuff for most people. Nevertheless, if you’re blocking – perhaps even without knowing! – crawlers from your site, you’ll never rank high in Google. So, if you’re serious about SEO, this should matter to you.

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