New Feature On Amazon Advertising: Sponsored Brands Ad Editing

For any brand, Sponsored Brands ads are a key part of the advertising strategy on Amazon . These ads can appear at the top of the page, on a side, or among search results. They help create brand awareness and present the product catalog. There is a wealth of resources, information, opinions and debate surrounding the most effective Sponsored Brands ads strategy on Amazon; but usually brands and advertisers share the same frustration: Japan WhatsApp Number List the inability to edit this type of ad . Previously, to make either change in an active Sponsored Brands ad, advertisers had to fully archive the campaign and create a new one from scratch. For brands that constantly optimize their ad campaigns,

having to recreate them over and over again was far from ideal. With the launch of the Sponsored Brands Creative Ad Editor, brands can change products, text and headlines, and logos without having to recreate the entire campaign. In addition, so that this task does not become a real headache, the new functionality allows brands and advertisers to: 1. Maintain relevance of existing Sponsored Brands ads Each ad shown to users takes into account the relevance it has acquired. Over time, the ad becomes more relevant to a concrete user base and the more data there is associated with the ad, the higher its performance will be (while all other aspects remain stable).

With This Update, It Is Possible To Make The Necessary Changes

to campaigns that are performing optimally without losing the valuable history of associated data . 2. Quickly update the main ASIN and remove products that are downgraded or not valid for promotion. Previously, to update any of the three products that appeared in Sponsored Brands ads, you had to recreate an entire campaign. Amazon’s new option allows advertisers to renew the primary ASIN and thus ensure that all impressions and clicks go to products that are in stock . 3. Perform A / B tests and optimize the investment of ads Different variables need to be taken into account to compare ad performance by performing accurate A / B testing .

This type of testing can be implemented and modified when necessary without losing the acquired relevance or historical data of the campaign. This will make the results more reliable and advertisers will be able to make better decisions about the distribution of the investment . What at first glance may seem like a minor feature will actually save advertisers a lot of time and money in the short and long term. This initiative shows that Amazon Advertising is constantly investing in the development of new tools and options that will enrich the use of its advertising platform.

Likewise, One In Three Consumers Already Sanctions Brands

that do not react correctly, either because of their silence or by sending inappropriate messages in the current context. 3. New messages adapted to the post-COVID-19 reality Brands have turned to the creation of useful content for their buyers personas , by adapting their message to the new reality in all its formats: blog articles, profiles on social networks, videos… A change has already been detected. in the type of images used on social networks. A study by Pattern89 analyzed the activity of 1,100 brands in social media and noted a 27% drop in images and videos showing physical proximity between people.

Our audience expects clear, human messages that add value and demonstrate that the brand empathizes with them. Online content creation must take this into account now and in the post-COVID-19 stage as the effects of this catharsis are likely to last. At Labelium, we are already working with our clients on the design of a digital media plan that covers the three main phases: containment, de-escalation and the first 100 days of the “new normal”. MATÍAS PÉREZ CANDAL , STRATEGY DIRECTOR AT LABELIUM Las marcas deben ser cuidadosas a la hora de elegir los mensajes que transmitir

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