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Due to the COVID-19 pandemic , our Extern’Market agency remains fully mobilized. Also, all Extern’Market employees remain by your side during this exceptional health crisis. We have activated the implementation of teleworking for business continuity . Therefore, the pursuit of our customers’ communication plans and the various orders are continuing normally and in accordance with government recommendations. Maintaining our Marshall Islands Email List infrastructure is our top priority. However, in order for the crisis to end as quickly as possible, we are following government guidelines to curb the spread of the virus and cases of contamination in our country.

Therefore we are closing our agency to the public until further notice . Our priority is the health of our teams of consultants and your support in this critical phase for the economy. The period we are going through is a collective ordeal that we will overcome together by protecting our teams and saving our customers. Here are the essential Coronavirus news to remember and put in place: My company facing the spread of the coronavirus My company facing Covid-19 Following the statement by the President of the Republic on Monday evening, to March 16, 2020, on the general containment measures taken in the face of the coronavirus epidemic and to curb the number of cases, certain businesses may or may not continue their activity.

Following the declaration of a COVID-19

pandemic by the world health organization, France is following Italy and Spain in health measures. If your activity stops completely or partially: Get closer to your accountant to: ᛴ Request the deferral of URSSAF contributions. ᛴ Same thing for the VAT return . ᛴ And to consider technical unemployment via the form Then comes the bank’s turn to: ᛴ Request the postponement of your loan deadlines (if contracting party) ᛴ Then see the insurance conditions of your credit to find out the terms of your rights in an exceptional situation. ᛴ Do not hesitate to ask for an exceptional reduction in your bank charges for the period of the crisis.

If there is a need for cash flow, what easy-to-use solutions does it provide in the face of the health crisis? Also get closer to his insurance for: ᛴ Ask what your contracts provide for the operating loss of your activity? ᛴ Do you have a contract that provides for any assistance for the sustainability of your business? Finally, communicate with your customers about your activity: ᛴ Inform about the closure of your business on your website and social networks. ᛴ At least once a week, communicate with your customers (business, customers, participation in the health crisis, other useful information for your customers and subscribers).

Notes of humor that bring a little freshness can do good in these times of crisis

Then contact the crisis unit of your CCI To find out about the aids put in place by your region and department. Other facilitating measures for VSEs & SMEs: Indeed government measures can put in place the suspension of the operating invoices of a company. And when we say “bills”, that more commonly includes what we call “operating costs” such as the bill for water, gas or electricity. And it is also mentioned the rent for SMEs / VSEs in difficulty as well as the suspension of their taxes and social contributions. For more information in your region, contact 0 800 130 000 For any difficulty with the tax administration, do not hesitate to contact your tax office, either by email, by phone or by your company space directly.

Note that the French state recognizes the Coronavirus as a case of force majeure. This means that the delay penalties will not be applicable. If your activity continues: Take the elements of the shutdown of activity above to foresee and anticipate any future difficulties. Then communicate with your customers about your activity: ᛴ on how to open your business and how your customers can reach you. ᛴ Respect and inform about the recommendations of the management of the public during a period of confinement (set up queues with a spacing of at least one meter between each individual.

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