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Last month, Mark Zuckerberg Bulgaria Phone number announced a formal Facebook news feed algorithm change that heralded a massive shift in the way Facebook plans to deliver content from business Pages to individual users. One of the main stated goals behind the drastic update is to address ongoing public concern over the impact social media can have on users’ mental health. Facebook has publicly acknowledged passively consuming articles Bulgaria Phone Numberor videos that don’t spark engagement or interaction is bad for a person’s mood.

Focus on Bulgaria Phone Number Discussion

According to Bulgaria Phone Number Search Engine Journal, “…content that inspires discussion will be promoted. It’s no longer a matter of generating likes, reactions and shares. Businesses, brands and media need to pivot to producing content that encourages discussion.” Said another way, Facebook users will be more likely to see your law firm’s Facebook posts if their connections are commenting on them. This does not mean, however, that is ok for Bulgaria Phone Number brands to undertake “engagement-baiting” practices as Facebook will view them as spam. Facebook defines engagement baiting itself as using tactics to artificially gain reach in the News Feed. An example would be posting something that says, “Comment below if you like our new logo!”

Five Things Law Firms Bulgaria Phone Number Can Do to Beat Facebook Zero

Tell Your Followers to Follow Bulgaria Phone Number You First: Don’t just ask users to follow your Page; also encourage your existing followers to click “See First” in their News Feed preferences. How? If you visit and like the Stacey E. Burke, P.C. Facebook Page, there is a button for “Following” next to the “Like” button. Once clicked, the exposed menu will have an option for “IN YOUR NEWS FEED” where you can click “See First. While components of the update are already live for some users, the full impact of the game-changing adjustment will not be felt for quite some time. This gives us time to prepare for what some Bulgaria Phone Number. Thus, say will eventually be a completely separate Facebook silo for brands.

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