This is the essence of your customer service vision — to help employers understand your organizational goals for customer service and their importance to those goals. Having a clearly articulated ideal for your customer service will help inspire others and give them a clear idea of what’s expected of them — instead of them having merely an idea of good customer service without sufficient training or preparation.

5. List your key performance indicators (KPIs) with clear measurable goals

Identify your key performance indicators, find out where they fall short of expectations, and set measurable, definitive goals for your customer service team to reach.

Important KPIs to measure might include:

By bringing your vision out of the realm of ambitions Ecuador WhatsApp Number List and into solid numbers, you’ll start to shape your customer service strategy in actionable, measurable ways.

6. Evaluate your customer service team


7. Implement the right customer service tools

Another way to take your customer service strategy to the next level is to look into upgrading the tools you provide for your team. The right tools, like those from Zendesk. Can enable your team to maximize their efforts while reducing their potential workload through automation.

For example, auto-dialer software can automatically draw numbers from a contact list and dial them. This doesn’t mean cold-calling people — auto-dialers are used by medical offices and businesses that need to schedule appointments with customers, and this software can help automate that process. The software can even set up auto-prompts that customers can use to make appointments without the need for human interaction. This can be a major benefit to your phone support.

Social media support is another area where more support is better. Many successful businesses have already leveled up their customer service game by .

Customer service tools don’t all have to be customer-facing, either. You can employ tools like knowledge base software for internal use, so service reps have . Something to draw on without escalating a call or having to ask someone else for details on a policy, product, or service.

8. Train the customer service team and give them the proper resources

We talked earlier about addressing any skill gaps in your customer service team. This often means training — a word some employees and employers dread, but it doesn’t have to be a chore.

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Above all, If you balk at the idea of paying for extensive training, consider the cost of getting new customers, which is 5 to 10 times the cost of retaining existing customers. Compared to that, setting aside money in the budget for training might not seem like such a bad idea.

9. Empower your customer service team

One way you can help improve those KPIs and meet those measurable goals is to give your customer service reps more power to address issues without escalating calls or calling on management to help solve a problem.

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