It is essential to have developed a previous Digital Marketing strategy. Do not put your money in the hands of improvisation and keep in mind the 3 golden rules to achieve an effective digital marketing strategy. Having this clear. now we are going to develop that design that will bring us closer to our goals! Saying it is very simple. right? How we wish we had the key to that magical ad that will lead us to success in all our endeavors and fill our cash register. The secret is in a high dose of common sense and following a few simple tips: 1. Be very clear about your audience It doesn’t matter if we design the most attractive and selling ad. if we don’t reach the right audience it won’t do any good.

It will simply be an open key for your money to go to people who are not really interested in what you offer. It is something that we do not tire of repeating in this blog: one of the most important things will always be segmenting. segmenting and segmenting. 2. Size does matter According to the Google Adsense Help Guide . the most popular and best performing sizes are: 300×250 or “Medium Rectangle”: It has a higher number of inventory by advertisers. so it will give better results when text and image ads are enabled. ad 300.png 336×280 or “Long Rectangle”: Like the previous one. it has better inventory. It is recommended to place it at the end of the text on the page or between paragraphs.

That Depends On The Quality

This ad performs well when placed in Estonia whatsapp number list header or footer of your content. 300×600 or “Half page”: It is one of the ads with the highest growth in number of impressions. Its size ensures greater visibility of the content. which translates into a better impact. or “Long Mobile Banner”: A very popular format on mobile devices. it can also be used in the alternative sizes 320×50 and 300×250. Blessed design! We are talking about small spaces. let’s think that they are banners that will be surrounded by content and MANY OTHER banners. So let’s keep it simple. You do not need to fill your design with flowers. patterns. arabesques and colors. Make it clean. neat and simple.

Estonia whatsapp number list

Yes indeed! It is important that you distinguish your advertising from the rest of the content on the page . people are generally attracted to delimited layouts. Nor should he become the king of minimalism. Always keep in mind that the important thing is that all content should be easy to read and understand. Use quality texts and images that convey an idea and arouse a feeling. 4. Get to the point. You have less than 3 seconds to captivate the user’s interest. That’s why don’t be roundabout. don’t try to embellish the message with beautiful and complicated words. Is what you are writing what you want the user to understand? Are you being clear on the goal you want to accomplish? Is it read at a glance?

Those Visitors Into Sales

Sometimes many people get frustrated because there is too little space and too few words to write a message. But it is a great opportunity! Be imperative. forceful. concise. Write what you as a consumer would like to read. Use various font sizes depending on the importance of the message and a typography with excellent legibility. 5. Do you have a promotion? Include her! What do you find most striking? A banner that says: Get to know our products! Or one that says: Learn about our offers! If our design is on a page full of content and other ads. definitely an offer or promotion will make it stand out. And if you have attractive prices. make sure users see it.

Don’t be shy about showing discount percentages. prices. Help them make a decision just by looking at your banner. add a sense of urgency or a limited time. this will give them less time to hesitate and speed up the decision process. Terms like special offers. coupons. discounts. promo codes. and bargains perform great. Call them into action! This part of your ad must be visible and distinguishable from the rest of the design. The buttons or calls to action are probably the most important part of the banner. because it depends on them that the user goes to your website. Your design and color should stand out from the rest. the font should be legible.

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