On the Already Existing Official Hashtags: During an Event for Example

Or during a particular movement, as with the hashtag #TousSolidaires. It was he who had made it possible to mobilize the French around a cause and create a momentum of solidarity during the confinement linked to Covid-19. However, be careful not to overwhelm your reader with your hashtags! If you can put up to 30 hashtags per post, it is advisable not to use more than 10 per publication. There are also small techniques to keep your caption’s Tunisia Phone Number List sober without cluttering them up: remember to space your caption and your hashtags well, even if it means placing your hashtags in the comments area rather than in the caption directly. A successful caption on Instagram will bring you more engagement and therefore visibility on the social network. With these few basic tips, you are now ready to make all your future Instagram captions a success.

it’s your turn to play! And do not forget! You can consult the 2021 chestnut calendar right here, where you can download your calendar for free in PDF format! By matching your digital platforms with each other using repost, content, etc. you will put them, naturally and simply in front while attracting people! To conclude: Creating a professional site takes time and comes at a cost, that’s for sure. However, it is a real long-term investment that will allow you to be present in the virtual world! There are many solutions available to you depending on the desired objective for your site.

You Can, for Example, Design It Yourself on Free Platforms or Call on Specialists

For personalized support and follow-up. If you are still wondering, why have a website? Do not wait any longer, we are waiting for you on the web, get started in 2.0! Social networks, consultation of emails, discussion with those around you, photos… With the phone, you can now do everything! SMS is interactive and more personal The interest of SMS? This is an interactive tool! Indeed, customers can reply to your SMS very easily. You can receive responses by email or directly on the platform. You also have the “ SMS survey ” function which allows you to be able to interact with your customers (during events, to ask for customer opinions, etc.).

SMS is a complementary solution with your communication tools The mobile marketing and especially sending SMS of establishment should be used following your other tools already in place. Newsletters, social networks, websites, brochures … with advertising SMS you relay information more easily and quickly! Of course, you don’t share the same content. For example, by sending emails, you will disseminate a lot more information to your customers and you will be more precise, in addition, you will be able to highlight several promotions. Conversely, with the SMS, you will get straight to the point but it will not require any graphic skills to set up your campaign.

In 10 Minutes It Will Be Done! Sms Is a Complementary Solution

With your communication tools SMS is ecological By using SMS, you will do something for the planet! Because yes, SMS is an ecological means of communication that will allow you to reduce your carbon footprint. To give you an idea, an email is almost 200 times more polluting than an SMS (sending an email is equivalent to an emission of around 4g of CO2 while it is equal to 0.014g of CO2 for an SMS ). To conclude: As you will have understood, an SMS marketing campaign allows you to distribute your offers to your customers and prospects.

Additionally, while SMS can stand on its own, it needs to be paired with other communication tools as well, so take a few minutes when designing your communication campaign and ask yourself if SMS has its value. place . At Jadéclo, we know professional SMS very well, we can assist you in choosing your pack, but also in setting up your campaigns, so don’t hesitate to contact us ! Search image banks The best-known alternative is to use online image banks. These are sites that advertise themselves as a search engine and allow you to find hundreds of thousands of royalty-free images. Among them, we can find Unsplash, Pixabay, or even Freepik. Many sites exist and we presented some of them in our article on free image banks.

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