On the other hand, it is considered that he had to make efforts in several situations:

He had to explain his problem to several different people we referred him to different departments before providing him with an answer he must have insisted on getting an answer he was not answered the first time so he had to call back Finally, this metric is linked to those we have already talked about as well as to others. It therefore allows a problem to be detected while monitoring other KPIs will determine the cause of the problem. For example, the Customer Effort Score can be bad because the dropout rate is low. The customer therefore Nicaragua Email List had to put in more effort than necessary to obtain a response, which caused dissatisfaction. Net Promoter Score (NPS) The NPS (Net Promoter Score) allows you to measure your customers’ satisfaction with your service.

It is important to measure the NPS of your customers because once they have gone through the marketing and sales stages, the customer relations department is the only one with whom they are in direct contact. So, if your customers are unhappy, or on the contrary very satisfied, it is thanks to the NPS, measured by your B2B customer service, that you will know it. You will therefore be able to raise certain unsuspected problems until then and therefore solve them. This metric is very relevant because it is measured by a score assigned directly by customers.

On a scale of 0 to 10, they indicate whether they

Do not recommend the brand at all” (0) or if they “strongly recommend” (10). Intermediate levels are obviously possible. However, care must be taken when the question is asked so as not to bias the result (following deep dissatisfaction, for example). Customer Satisfaction Score This metric is directly linked to the previous one: the NPS. It is interesting to follow because it will allow you in particular to define the best means of contacting your customers. Indeed, from one sector to another and from one type of customer to another, certain channels are preferred. For example, when some customers prefer to solve all their problems by e-mail, others will want to talk directly over the phone.

The Customer Satisfaction Score thus makes it possible to determine whether the channels you use correspond to the expectations of your customers. If this is not the case, you can therefore test others, or even combine several, until you find the ideal mix. To give you an idea, The retention rate is a good indicator of the quality of your customer relationship. Indeed, as we said previously, customer satisfaction is above all caused, in addition to the quality of your offer, by the performance of your customer service. This is indeed the only service in direct contact with your customers. In fact, if it is not efficient, your customer satisfaction decreases, while if it is effective, your customer satisfaction increases.

In addition, customer satisfaction and customer retention often go hand in hand:

When one is high, the other is too. Indeed, your customers, if they are satisfied, have no reason to look elsewhere. To sum up, measuring the quality of your B2B customer service can be done through many KPIs. However, there is no need to overdrive them. Select only those that are truly representative for your business. Do you want to go further in the implementation of an effective strategy for your customer relationship? Force Plus has made it its core expertise for over 30 years! Contact without delay one of our advisers to talk about your project. In export and customer relations, the objective is not simply to have a product-oriented approach but towards the customer.

Conquering customers today begins with capturing and retaining the latter. To attract your customers, you will need to implement a complete digital and commercial strategy which consists of: Website (s) in the language of the host country you wish to export to Social media pages by country while keeping your main page Specific content and not duplicated in another language. Because yes, each country has linguistic specificities and a different culture. Adapt and therefore a necessity to conquer international markets. Several marketing actions such as sending newsletters, marketing automation, CRM or advertising. Exporting and customer relations is not just about duplicating a strategy from one country to another.

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