1. Evaluate your current customer service strategy

long look at your existing strategy and figure out what’s working and what isn’t — and then ruthlessly eliminate anything that isn’t working. Chances are, you may already have the tools for collecting and measuring data on customer satisfaction. If not, one of your first steps should be getting your hands on that data, whether through surveys, email campaigns, social media polls, or any combination of the above.

Another way you can measure customer satisfaction is to look into the hard numbers like average resolution time, customer service abandonment rates, and customer effort score (CES). It’s one of the basic principles of customer service that the more quickly a customer’s problem can be solved, and with little to no effort, the happier they’ll be.

2. Assess your customers’ needs

Statistics have shown almost 80% of customers expect companies to know and understand their needs. Knowing what your customers want is the heart of Dominican Republic WhatsApp Number List your marketing efforts. And is every bit as vital in customer service. You can find out more about your customers’ needs through avenues like surveys, customer interviews, focus groups, and social listening.

Once you’ve identified your customers’ needs, you can distribute that knowledge through all the departments in your business. Having this information on hand has a number of positive benefits: it lets you provide faster solutions to common issues. Improve your products and services. And cut down on the number of support tickets. It may take some research to get an accurate assessment of your customers’ needs, but once you have it, it will become a powerful tool for both your marketing and customer service departments.

3. Identify your customer touchpoints

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Above all, A customer touchpoint is a point of contact or interaction between a customer and your business. There are more ways than ever now for customers to interact and get in touch, and it’s important to give them as many avenues as possible, so you can identify any pain points, gather feedback, and improve customers’ perception of your brand.

Your first step should be to identify what touchpoints you have in place already: print and digital ads, your website, referrals and reviews, chatbots and customer agents, email surveys. Social media, reward and loyalty programs, and even your billing system. Once you’ve identified these touchpoints. You can figure out where the gaps lie, and identify additional touchpoints that should be added.

4. Develop a customer service vision

It’s easy enough to say you’re making customer service your top priority — but your strategy isn’t just for your customer service reps alone. Your strategy should flow from management to every role in your business, to make sure everyone is on the same page and understands the part they play in your strategy.


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