The e-books and online courses are flying around you. You download a free giveaway, leave your email address and end up in a mail funnel. There you will initially be persuaded to buy a low-threshold product, with the ultimate goal of putting you in a 1-on-1 trajectory of someone who calls himself a coach. Is this really how we want to do business these days? I’ll take you back to the core.

The Marketing FOO

When we started our business in early 2020, it almost CEO Email Lists felt like a kind of FOMO ( fear of missing out ) to join the hype of what I call ‘annoying American marketing’. Because if everyone does it, will it work? And there are plenty of companies that also prove that it actually works.

Admittedly, I have also experimented with a giveaway and the associated mail funnel. But still the following applies: been there, done that . The whole flow was well put together with all aspects that experts recommend, the giveaways were downloaded well and the emails were read well. But in the end we noticed (at the end of the funnel) that we were mainly offering discounts to customers who would otherwise have become customers.

Of course, it also brought in new customers, but don’t forget to weigh this against the cost of the email marketing software and associated advertising. This turned out to be far from profitable, and in fact we were not behind it. And if we ourselves are so annoyed by this form of marketing, how can you expect it to work for your customers? So delete! If you think so too…

CEO Email Lists


Back to the core

In 2.5 years we have grown from 0 to more than 800 annual customers. Without coaches, and with barely paid marketing. So it’s proof that it really can be done in a different way. Sometimes we stop and ask ourselves: “How? What exactly is our marketing strategy?”. And then it doesn’t seem so special. We’re just “doing our thing”. Perhaps we are actually growing because we do not participate in marketing hypes to which most people have become a bit allergic by now.

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