Voice searches are gradually monopolizing the way we access the internet and, in addition, giving more importance to technologies such as Amazon Alexa , Google Assistant or Siri. Only last year, in Mexico, Forbes pointed out that 30% of online searches were done by voice, and it is worth mentioning that 46% of Americans prefer to do searches that way than written ones. They are growing at an accelerated pace and you have to be up to date. The great developers get closer day by day to improve the ‘machine learning’, this is software that “learn” through corrections and each correction is stored in memory, leaving a more intelligent machine day after day, capable of distinguishing the variations of each word or sentence. Our ability to communicate is complex because it includes understanding tones, context and the different meanings that the same word can have.

This Puts Us in Front of

An intriguing panorama that is already with us and over the years it will be much more noticeable, we must put our business in the Lebanon Phone Number line of innovation so that they continue to find us in any type of search. Voice search: new ways to position your business online when you start a google. Search on the first page of results how many do you see at least 10 results. When we talk about organic positioning we mean that your business. Appears on the first page without the need to pay and just by typing the keywords. Which are the words with which you want your business to be associated. Making a small parenthesis, keywords are not so difficult to imagine. For example, if you sell kitchen and bakery utensils here is your first keyword: “kitchen utensils” or “baking utensils” of course. It’s not the only thing you sell or the only words they use to refer to a business like yours.

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Lebanon Phone Number

You have 10 opportunities to position yourself on that first page. This if the search is done on a desktop computer… For the cell phone, you only. Have 5 opportunities to appear and for voice searches… Only one. This drastically reframes the urgency of ranking your website organically, in addition to doing it with more precise words. To create the content of our social networks and website we must. Rethink what we are going to say and how we are going to say it. The needs of your users will mark the content that you must develop. If before you did not take the time to listen to the opinions and questions of your. Customers now it will be a matter of whether or not you appear as a purchase option. The contents to spread your knowledge are the ones that generate more traffic to your site. Although they are results that appear for searches that do not have a clear purchase intention. They serve to position your brand and obtain recognition, the first step of a sales funnel.

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