Optimize Your Youtube Channel

Since its creation in 2005, the Youtube video platform has experienced very rapid development. When she started out, she uploaded clips that were neither professional nor informative . Youtube was acquired by Google in 2014 and the increase in video uploads and transfers estimated at 300 hours of video per minute make Youtube the second search engine Argentina WhatsApp Number List after Google with nearly one billion active users per month. More and more B2B professionals claim that video is a powerful tool in viral marketing. However, videos alone are not of real interest if they are not distributed and exploited for commercial purposes.

A platform like Youtube has many rules, so it is important to understand them and use them for positive feedback. spotlight.jpg YouTube channel The creation of the Youtube channel for companies is in a way one of the “must have” of web marketing, most of the videos uploaded are “absolutely correct.” Then, from time to time, new videos are added to the channel, but for the vast majority, the real potential of the video platform remains under-exploited.Like a corporate site, a YouTube channel must be continuously maintained and optimized.

How to Do It?

Before starting a Youtube channel, start by developing a clear strategy and ask yourself the right questions: What are your goals ? Who is your target audience? Do you go for a global account or a local channel? How much time do you have to manage your channel? Global companies tend to create separate accounts for each branch. This usually involves a greater investment in terms of effort and often goes against their corporate charter. The use of a centralized account with videos in French and English, can be for example a relevant solution for companies that have their head office in France .

Design of Accounts The corporate design of the company is the basis for the visual design of YouTube accounts, including the cover image and the company logo. Each Social media profile should be designed as a brand showcase in the same way as the website. The theme color should also be part of the graphics in the video. This gives the user a certain overall coherence and a brand effect for the company.

In Addition to the Visual, the Content Structure of the Account Plays

An essential role in the brand image. As mentioned earlier, it is recommended to create a centralized account for the company and its subsidiaries. In this way, the international structure of the company can be seamlessly projected onto the channel’s playlists. A series of videos should be created on specific topics or products, so the content is easier for visitors to find. If you have a lot of videos on your channel, a consistent structure across playlists is essential, as videos are listed chronologically and older videos can quickly disappear. Video quality Once the Youtube channel structure is set up well, adding videos regularly is important. Indeed, an active and dynamic account arouses more interest from users.

However, the videos you upload must go through quality control. Once again, the company’s graphic charter plays an important role and must include certain specifications such as minimum resolution, style effects (types of transition, overlays, etc.), opening credits and ending credits. All these optimizations make it possible to give added value to your videos and they thus serve as a support for your campaigns on different media platforms. Finally, the choice of the thumbnail Cameras.jpgis another element to consider when loading your videos.

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