The subject line of your email is the first thing people see when they open it, so you want to make it count. A good subject line should be interesting, unexpected, and specific. It should also be short – ideally, no more than 50 characters.

Using the right subject line will get people to open your email, so don’t be afraid to experiment. Think outside the box and be creative.

If you’re struggling to come up with a good subject line, there are plenty of resources and tools online that can help.

The Don’ts of Email Nurture Sequences


Overemailing is the biggest mistake you can make in email marketing. It’s important to strike a balance between staying in touch with your subscribers and bombarding them with too much information.

If you’re sending two or more emails a week, you’re probably sending too many. Once a week is generally considered the maximum amount of email people want to receive from a business or organization.

This rule may, of course, be subject to exceptions. If you have something VP Security Email Lists truly special or time-sensitive to share, it’s okay to send more than one email. But in general, try to limit yourself to one email per week.

Chief and VP of Security Email Lists

Don’t make your emails too long.

Another common mistake is to make your emails too long. Remember, people are busy, and they don’t have time to read a novel. So make sure your emails are short, sweet, and to the point.

If you can say what you need to say in a few paragraphs, that’s ideal. If you find yourself going on for pages and pages, it’s probably time to scale back.Don’t use Sales Language.

When you’re writing your emails, it’s important to avoid using salesy or pushy language. Remember, you’re trying to build a relationship with your subscribers, not close a deal.

So instead of saying things like “Buy now!” or “Sign up today!” try to use language that’s more conversational and friendly. Something like “Check it out” or “I think you’ll like this” is a much better way to get people to take the action you want.

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