21% when they are going to decide. 30% when they need to be guided and 24% when they are ready to buy. At all stages. there is interest in going to Yellow Pages to support each other and better fulfill the desired objective. All in all. Yellow Pages can be a useful tool to boost your business. if you know how to take advantage of it. Remember that it is important to propose a prior strategy aimed at meeting specific. measurable and realistic objectives. Lack of planning is a very common mistake that can cost you. Likewise. it is essential to complement the advertising in Yellow Pages with other actions in digital media or on mobile devices. to obtain a comprehensive strategy that addresses various media and. therefore. reaches larger audiences.

You’ll get better value for money and time by relying on multiple channels that work in harmony for greater impact. At the end of the year there are a series of objectives that must be achieved in all companies. Whether they are fulfilled or not depends. in large part. on the most important resource that all organizations have: their employees. So. how can we motivate our collaborators to reach together those goals that we seek as a company? Here are some tips for you to keep in mind: Recognize the merits and achievements of your employees As people. we need to feel that our work is worthwhile. that we are doing things well and that our effort is rewarded.

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Sit down with each of your collaborators Chile whatsapp number list talk about their personal goals. their achievements and their work. Acknowledge the good things and explain to him how his work is important to the company. This will motivate each member of your team to continue striving and exploit all those beneficial qualities for the company. Likewise. remember that physical certificates that include courses. workshops and achievements obtained within the company are often more important to employees than a monetary incentive. These can be attached to resumes and will give your collaborators much more professional weight. For this. you can also rely on platforms such as LinkedIn. and include in the profile of your team members a recommendation thanking them for their good work and personal achievements. Be flexible with hours Silly.

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At the end of the year. we all want to spend more time with our families and loved ones. Try to be flexible with the schedules so that your collaborators have quality time with their relatives. Set some key goals to meet and. in return. redistribute working time to give them benefits. For example. during the week you could reduce lunch by half an hour and. in this way. leave earlier on Fridays. Or make an agreement so that everyone arrives several days earlier so that they can work part-time on the last working day of the week. These time benefits are highly appreciated by people. If they feel like their job gives them these kinds of flexibilities.

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They’ll want to keep those benefits. and therefore put much more effort into all of their jobs. Ensure a good work environment Constant communication is the key. Avoid favoritism and develop activities that involve the whole group. A breakfast to celebrate the achievements obtained during a term. for example. Will make them feel valued and lead to greater productivity. In addition to asking your workers how they feel. develop an anonymous and virtual survey to ensure answers more in line with reality. It is very important that you focus on ensuring affinity between all collaborators. Try not to encourage individualism.

Since one of the keys to success is knowing how to work as a team. Listening and contributing in a cooperative environment . For this. you can establish cooperation groups or “new ideas”. which will ensure a group effort. Without individual distinctions that encourage possible envy. Constantly communicate company goals Meet with your work team. And communicate what those goals are that they must achieve as a team and for the company. Involve them in the projections and show them how the work of each one is indispensable to reach those objectives. This way they will feel much more motivated and committed.

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