Grown exponentially and constantly evolve to provide a better service. Several brands have already begun to take advantage of these applications to reinforce their marketing strategies. Direct and more personal contact with users is definitely an ideal advantage to strengthen relations between both parties and create innovative and surprising strategies. However. this new territory brings challenges that have yet to be resolved: how is this interaction measured? How can communication with consumers be established in a non-invasive way and delivering added value? Video is the star format During 2016 the video became the leading format of most social networks.

For the sample we have Facebook Live. Instagram Stories . Snapchat and Periscope. Even Nicola Me Men delsoh. Vice President of Facebook in Europe. predicts that within 5 years the content of this social network will be only videos. This trend forces brands to improve their production to offer high-quality audiovisual content. It is not enough with improvised videos that do not tell anything. Here we are talking about telling attractive stories that take advantage of the benefits of the format to better communicate the message that you want to convey. ROI needs to be measured more rigorously One of the great challenges for marketing teams is and will continue to be measuring the return on investment of each of the actions carried out .

The Expected Results Are

Company managers demand concrete Bulgaria whatsapp number list and are tired of the metrics of social networks that. although they look good in reports. are not connected to real business results. It is a fact that investment in marketing should be reflected directly in the growth of companies. In 2017. it will be more than evident that a Facebook ad campaign is not considered successful if the sales numbers do not increase. Buyers are more informed and prepared than ever The purchasing process has changed a lot since the Internet appeared in our lives. Now. it is normal for a buyer who wants a new television to do some preliminary research to detect which is the best option.

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Did you know that 70% of consumers search websites about the product to purchase before buying it? Specifically. the average number of pages consulted is 10.4 to make a decision. In fact. the search extends to social networks like Facebook. Twitter and Instagram. in order to find people’s opinions and experiences. Brands cannot ignore this scenario and continue to adopt passive positions. It is necessary to actively create content around the products to drive sales. and even generate a long-term bond of loyalty with consumers. In addition. companies need to be at the center of conversations on social media. not only to find out what buyers are saying about the product.

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But also to establish how best to build relationships with them and how their experience can be improved. Millennials strengthen their power of influence The famous millennials . Or natives of the new millennium. Will strengthen their influence in the market and in consumer trends during 2017. Their purchasing power will be greater than that of other generations. And they will be the ones who mark the path of commerce in general. Therefore. it is very important to understand what they like. How and when they buy and what they expect from brands. For example. personalized experiences are a demand that they have claimed but rarely found. Whether at physical or virtual points of sale. brands must create mechanisms so that buyers. Whether they are millennials or not. feel heard and taken into account.

You cannot create a marketing strategy thinking of reaching a large mass of anonymous beings. Now. each individual counts and expects to receive messages according to their tastes. interests and personal needs. The shopping experience becomes multichannel Having a well-structured physical point. Of sale or a virtual store with all the necessary usability parameters is no longer enough to impress buyers. Comprehensive shopping experiences that unite various channels and platforms to meet the needs of today’s consumer are now in demand. The idea is to give the consumer the opportunity to make the purchase as the way he chooses. To do this. online and offline sales channels must work together and complement each other.

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