At that time, the Ministry of National Defense established the National Dance Promotion Committee and began to vigorously promote “ethnic dance” throughout the country. Since the government did not support Paraguay Phone Number ballet or modern dance at that time, throughout the 1950s, there was an upsurge in learning “ethnic dance” all over Taiwan. Although Mr. Cai’s strength is modern dance, he also serves as a member of the committee, assisting in organizing folk dance competitions and demonstrating performances. Therefore, she has been studying classical dances such as Tiannv scattered flowers and palace lantern dance. She also went to the Peking Opera School to learn water sleeves, ribbons, traditional figures, etc., and then came back to teach students. The gun dance she later choreographed for me was my stepping stone to the Japanese entertainment industry.


Because there

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Were too few male dancers, Teacher Cai felt that my appearance and foundation were good, and I was tall, so she trained me to dance alone. One day, she suddenly said to me, “The folk dance competition is about to start, I’ll give it to you. Arrange a dance for a mountain compatriot. Which bold, can you dance alone?” I was surprised, but agreed. So she started choreographing and helping me sign up for competitions. Since a beast prop was needed in the dance, I secretly took the real animal skin that my father hung on the living room chair as a prop material for the realistic effect.


In the end

I really lived up to my expectations and won the second place in the first class in the social adult group of the dance competition, and I also won the third place in the first class with my classmate Liao Wanru. After winning the award, I recognized. I debuted as a professional dancer and often played the leading role. I paired with Teacher Cai Ruiyue and performed together in large-scale art and cultural venues. We have collaborated several times. Such as “The Nutcracker”, “Swan Lake” and so on. Not only the reviews were very good, but the pictures were also beautiful. The teacher also praised me for dressing up like a god in Greek mythology!

I had already embarked

At this time, although I had already embarked on. The path that my heart longed for. I knew that. I had to go to university. It’s not just about the face of myself and my father. The more realistic consideration is that only in this way can. I continue to dance. If I don’t pass the test. I arrested back to Tainan or arranged to work in. A certain company, which will be even further from my dream. Therefore, I was more serious than when I was in high school. In the spare time other than reading and dancing, I would go to the Taiwanese factory in the Botanical Garden to hang out and watch the stars. In this way, I got to know Big Brother Wei Ping’ao.