Orixa Media X Taboola Trade Event


Trade Events have become a real tradition at ORIXA MEDIA. Every Thursday, we meet with a partner or a future partner to discuss the potential synergies to be created between our mutual expertise. Each opportunity is seen as a major asset to develop and improve our clients’ strategies. Moreover, these brainstorming sessions are above all thought out and carried out for our customers. The primary objective is to enable them to benefit from Sweden WhatsApp Number List high-performance solutions and innovative products from our partners to develop their digital strategy and boost their performance at all levels.

At the same time, our Experts are continuously trained on the entire digital ecosystem and are increasing their skills every week in order to have all the cards in hand to offer you the best advertising devices on the web. Trade Event Taboola The program Today, our ORIXA MEDIA Team had the pleasure of brainstorming (in visio of course!) With Christophe Raguideau and Jacques Lopez from the Taboola platform.

The Purpose Of This Exchange: To Pool Our Expertise To Offer Our Customers

the best advertising systems in order to achieve their objectives, or even exceed them! Because a good brainstorming must above all be based on a good program, here are the points on which we were able to discuss today: (Re) Discovery of all the solutions and advanced optimizations offered by Taboola Discussions on the power of monetization, engagement, loyalty and extrapolation of the platform’s audiences Taboola: the topo Taboola is a platform that helps advertisers promote their brand when their audience is most receptive to new messages, products and services.

In a few figures, Taboola is the 1st content discovery platform in the world , bringing together more than 1.4 billion unique users per month , and reaching 44.5% of the world’s Internet user population . The platform collects 50 times more data on its own than in all the books in the New York public library. What else ?! Taboola logo Synergies between Orixa Media and Taboola Collaborating with Taboola allows us to provide our clients and their audiences with relevant, interesting and new content to generate new opportunities for engagement and monetization! The purpose of this partnership between our agency and Taboola is obviously to find synergies between our respective expertise.

Because, If At Orixa Media We Are Committed

to exposing all the audiences of our customers while qualifying them in order to obtain the best ROI (return on investment), this could not be done without fundamental expertise of partners active on our omnichannel media plans. As you can see, the ORIXA MEDIA & Taboola combo is a mine of opportunities for any advertiser wishing to develop their digital strategy! Do not hesitate to contact us if you wish to know more: [email protected] or +33 7 68 60 49 62. See you next week for a new Trade Event, this time in the presence of the M6 ​​Pub control room

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