Every company wants to be one step ahead of the competition . So much so that a good positioning is not easily achieved. Famiglia valduga ‘s content empire is a wall that defends its market-leading position. There are hundreds of content already published. If a competitor today tried to copy this strategy and started creating one new article a week. Producing a total of four a month. It would take at least 100 months (about eight and a half years) to match in quantity. And to make life even worse for our competitors. We have news! We will not stop and we will be more and more protected. Stone by stone. This wall continues to grow with new content that increasingly distances the entry of competitors. Although there are much older blogs and many more have appeared since 2016. Like a high and extensive wall. Visible from space. Our content strategy for famiglia valduga has conquered the top .

The customer’s point of view luisa valduga – digital innovation of the famiglia valduga group ” the synergy between orgânica digital and famiglia valduga provided the development of digital strategies. Resulting in an increase in Ecuador Cell Phone Numbers generated contacts. Of our e-commerce. ” luisa valduga – digital innovation of the famiglia valduga group how we achieved 4x more sales on black friday as soon as our partnership started. One of the first challenges was to take advantage of one of the most important dates in retail: black friday. We started by planning the entire strategy . Considering the composition of the offer and the period of placement. After that. The channels were listed and the actions were put into practice in a structured way . We announced to the public the participation of famiglia valduga in black friday. Creating releases for blog posts. Distributing to the press and. Of course. Advertising on social networks. In any campaign. Valuing the customer base is also essential for a positive result. Therefore. We prepared a series of emails activating the base and offering priority for the purchase.

Opportunities and also in the sales

On friday. We activated the channels in search of new customers. Announcing the promotion via social networks and online advertising. Finally. We measure the results and exceed the goal established with the client ! The potential of e-commerce was attested right at the beginning of the project. From parallel campaigns. Such as this one. Compared to the same period of the previous year. We achieved the following results: 2x the e-commerce conversion rate; 4x increase in sales. National impact economic value matter – famiglia valduga as if the excellent results and customer satisfaction were not enough. We were still taken by surprise with the national repercussion of the achievement of famiglia valduga in partnership with orgânica digital. It even resulted in participation in an article on the valor econômico website. The company was featured alongside other powerhouses in the segment. Such as ambev. Diageo.

Ecuador Cell Phone Numbers

Brasil kirin. See the snippet below: economic value matter – famiglia valduga growth is maintained year after year. Using the same strategic base . Every black friday generates a very important result for the company! How we reduced customer acquisition cost by 38% confraria valduga offers a unique experience. With the convenience of enjoying a special selection made by the winemakers and sommeliers of the famiglia valduga group . With the proposal that enjoying is much more than just drinking. Confraria members receive three different labels every month. According to the chosen modality. And an exclusive material with information and curiosities about each of these wines. When we took over the project. We realized that the marketing and sales teams were misaligned. Causing the opportunities.

This also made the sales

Generated to have a very long lead time and a low conversion rate.  Cycle very long. Reducing the efficiency of the commercial team. In telesales. It took about 10 calls to close a deal. Not to mention that the leads generated were mostly unqualified. So the cac (customer acquisition cost) was very high and. Consequently. Made it difficult to generate new business . So we created an action plan . Using inbound marketing techniques with the objective of generating and qualifying leads. In addition to shortening the sales cycle. See the actions we took: process optimization; definition of sla between the marketing and sales teams; creation of specific landing pages for lead generation; implementation of content marketing for lead qualification; greater control and management of generated leads; definition of email marketing routine to better relate to customers; disclosure via facebook and instagram.

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