Our Data Analysts Are Now Certified by Google Analytics


Data analysis and especially the collection of information through the marketing channel has become more and more essential in the business environment. Also known under the name of “Big Data”, effective world has made it its point of honor of the year to increase its expertise in this field and to offer appropriate services and solutions. For Costa Rica WhatsApp Number List this reason, we started our partnership with Searchmetrics last year , to develop the know-how of our team of marketers and bring these skills to our clients.

We Are Continually on the Lookout for Efficient Tools and Processes to Offer Our Customers

This is why we are pleased to announce that our data analysts are officially certified “Google Analytics”. This gives you the assurance that our employees are professionals in the field able to handle the cogs of Google Analytics and help you in your project development.

Google Analytics certification results in the acquisition of skills in the configuration of tracking systems as well as the evaluation of the data received. This also requires the implementation of all data protection requirements. This certificate allows effective world to be listed in the Google database as certified professionals.

Our Data Analysts Are Now Certified by Google Analytics

If you would like to know more about data analytics or the potential it represents in your decision-making processes, get in touch with us. Andreas Schüler, Head of Marketing & Systems at effective GmbH will be happy to assist you. Please contact us by phone at +33 9 81 92 59 67 ou by email at [email protected]

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