Our Instagram Tutorial on How to Use Instagram Reels Properly!

Remember, we introduced you to Instagram Reels , these very short videos of 30 seconds max that have been all the rage for a few weeks now! Easy to use (like all the features offered by Instagram), reels require little time but a lot of creativity if you want to get out of the game and explode your views. To help you create successful reels, Jadéclo, your communication agency specializing in digital, offers you a tutorial to learn how to use Instagram Reels Japan Phone Number List without taking your head! How to properly use Instagram Reels? HOW TO MAKE INSTAGRAM REELS? WE GUIDE YOU! Before you start, you should know that you have two options for turning your Instagram Reels .

Either, you make your video directly via the Instagram application and you publish it in the following minutes. Either you shoot your video quietly through your phone’s camera , cut your videos as you want and then import them to Instagram. You are the producer, you have the choice! Want to import a video from your gallery? To do this, when you are on the reels section, go to your video library and select the one you want to highlight. Be careful, it must be 30 seconds, if the time is longer, you will have to cut it via Instagram. Now, we explain how to create your Instagram Reels via the app! 3, 2, 1… Turn! 1 | Go to the story tab and click on the third “REELS” button at the bottom of your screen.

Shoot your video and use the buttons available on Instagram Reels

interface overview 2 | This is where you will shoot your video. For this, several buttons on the left of your screen are available allowing you to make some settings. ✔️The “speed” button (a) * , allows you to shoot your videos in slow motion or in fast motion. You must activate it before shooting your video. ✔️The “AR Effects” button (b) offers you many effects to enhance your video. You will find there the effects that you have already been able to record. ✔️The “timer and countdown” button (c) allows you to program a timer so that your video starts a few seconds later.

This feature allows you to shoot your video hands-free. 3 | Are your settings made? Now you just have to click on the central button (d) to start recording your video . This is where you need to be creative but also come up with cool content that will allow you to make a difference among the thousands of reels posted every day. You have 30 seconds to give it your all! * Refer to the picture to see where the buttons are located! To help you, we give you some examples! @milkywaysblueyes has a great community following her daily on her Instagram account. Via Instagram Reels, Claire shares her daily looks , and not just… A real inspiration! @gopro them, decided to make Instagram Reels to present their novelties .

For example, they created Reels for the release of their brand new GoPro

the Hero 9! What better way to highlight the videos that this little gem will offer us? Are you a BtoB company with a presence on Instagram? We encourage you to use Instagram Reels to make a difference and show your customers that you are “IN” . For example, stage your employees in your premises, make a mini film about your best-selling product, launch your own challenge or even interact with your customers thanks to captivating and humorous videos. 4 | Then you can add music to make your video more fun, to do this click on the “Audio” button (e) * and access the music library. 5 | Finally, with the “align” button, (f) adjust the elements of your first clip to those of your second clip to make a transition between the two.

* Refer to the picture to see where the buttons are located! ➡️Want to post a video montage? Go through an editing application to make your video, for example you can use the InShot application to compile multiple videos. You will then just have to import your video on Instagram Reels, put your music, your caption, and your Reels will be ready to be published. Edit your videos with Instagram Reels features HOW TO PUBLISH YOUR INSTAGRAM REELS? How to publish your Instagram reels? 1 | Click on the small arrow to the right of the button to register your reels .

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