Our Online Marketing Managers Now Certified as “Chartered Professionals” From Bing Ads

In the field of search advertising, Google AdWords is currently the most used. With its user-friendly platform, its additional functions, and its growing market share, especially in the United States (25% of searches), Bing Ads has established itself as the second-largest player in search engine advertising. The Microsoft Advertising Center is an internationally Albania WhatsApp Number List SEA (Sponsored Links) platform, with lower costs per click (CPC) than its competitor AdWords.

If in the United States, CPCs on Bing are on average a third cheaper than on the Google AdWords platform, in Europe, the CPC difference is even more obvious. With the Microsoft Bing Ads Advertising Center , it is possible to reach more users. Bing is not a unique search engine advertising platform but can be used in addition to advertising campaigns on Google AdWords. AdWords data can be easily imported into the Microsoft Advertising Center, thereby reducing the costs of setting up and setting up campaigns.It was these compelling arguments that led our team of web marketers Alex Smith and Jessica Lucas to achieve “Bing Ads Certified Professional” status.

Prices: Contact us. 3 – How to choose a secure web host?

3.1 How to know the nature of secure web hosting? webserver hosting Now that we have seen the definition, the interests, and the different servers of web hosting, we will show you the criteria of importance to choosing your web host. The choice of your web host is important and should not be taken at random. The criteria to be followed are the Responsiveness of the service provider: the host’s mission is to make your site accessible at all times, which is why the service provider must be available and responsive. Connection speed: indeed, the connection speed must be good to have a good connection speed. Your site must be fluid to retain and satisfy your customers. Security of your data: On the Internet, one problem is significant: the cyber attack. Indeed, malicious people can find their way there and damage the image of your company.

Your service provider must therefore be well protected to avoid any inconvenience. 4 – Why choose Extern-Market for its web hosting? Extern’Market has specialized in Marketing Outsourcing since 2006. Note that our core business is marketing and digital communication for companies with a service of webmasters and web developers to support you in setting up your web technique. Also, one of our missions is to support and advise you in all your digital projects combined. We have a protected server and a good connection speed. Of course, in addition to web hosting and maintenance, offers to create your website with the domain name offered and the SSL certificate, the first year are offered throughout the year. Create your WordPress or Prestashop website with hosting and/or maintenance then choose the best quality/price ratio!

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