Therefore, you can instead opt for a daily 5-8 minute episode similar to the School of Marketing Jewelry Retouching podcast. They credit much of their success to the show’s daily format. These short daily formats usually work well if you choose something like giving actionable advice or answering a question. However, if you select a different podcast format like an interview, takedown recording, or experience, you can opt for a longer show. For example, episodes of The Tim Ferriss Show are typically 1-3 hours long, and he releases two a week (which is a pretty high frequency given the depth of each episode). Source How long should I try with my podcast topic before giving up? If you’ve been working on your podcast for a while, you might be wondering if you should give up.


Ultimately, It’s  Jewelry Retouching Important to Understand

Why you’re considering creating this podcast. If you’re doing it just to make money.There are Jewelry Retouching other ways to make money much faster. Podcasting is a long game and it will take time to build. However, if you find that you learn a lot by. Teaching people and interviewing experts. It’s worth it even if you don’t have any followers. Eric siu’s leveling up podcast was only generating nine. Downloads per day per year after constant work, although today (about six years ago). Jewelry Retouching It is generating over two million downloads. First, be patient and give it time. If after about six months. Of consistent content you still don’t have an audience. Re-evaluate these factors:are there other podcasts in your umbrella category.

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Is Your Content Jewelry Retouching Really Unique?

Do you have a few people contacting you to say your content helps them? If you know there are other podcasts in your umbrella category, you should Jewelry Retouching continue with the topic of the podcast, but consider changing your positioning. Also, if there are other podcasts in the category and you’re not seeing traction, re-evaluate if your content Jewelry Retouching is truly unique. Do a Google search on the topic of your latest podcast episode. If you see that what you talked about in your episode is already said in at least 50% of the articles on Google, it’s probably not unique enough. (Note that while some of the concepts will be the same, you should have your own stories, case studies, etc.



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