To be organized, it is advisable to make a content matrix where you indicate what you are going to publish (divided by theme or format) and when you are going to do it (day and time). The ideal is to plan weekly to distribute everything and prepare what you need in advance. Generate interaction The grace of having a fan page is being able to interact with the audience. It is useless to publish the best content if a two-way communication bridge is not established. That is why it is very important that you motivate users to participate, either through contests and activities or by asking questions to encourage conversation.

It is also essential to respond to the comments of your customers, paying special attention to complaints or claims. Your audience should feel that someone is listening to them and doing what they can to improve the service. Advertise with Facebook Ads Advertising on Facebook is one of the marketing strategies preferred by SMEs worldwide. This is because advertising on this social network is easy to implement, highly measurable and segmentable, and also very cheap. Specifically, one of the great advantages of Facebook Ads is that it allows you to segment the audience you want to reach as much as possible.

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You can choose the audience that Israel whatsapp number list interests you, so that your message reaches people with real potential to make a purchase. You can select your ideal audience by narrowing down age, gender, location, occupation, interests, behaviors, connection to your business fan page, etc. SME-FacebookOn the other hand, Facebook offers you various ad formats according to what you need. You can choose posts that appear in each user’s news feed or promoted ads that appear in the right side column of the home page. In addition, you have full control over the budget you are going to invest. You can decide how much you want to spend, how you want to spend it, and you can even increase or decrease the budget whenever you want.

Israel whatsapp number list

Obviously everything is measurable, so you’ll get data on the performance of your ads to know which ones work best. Use Facebook advertising to promote your fan page and increase likes, to drive users directly to your website, or to motivate attendance at a physical point of sale. The important thing is to create good ads that attract attention and invite people to click . Have you ever wondered why rock bands like the Rolling Stones have successfully lasted the ages (they were born in 1962!) and continue to add fans? Like them, there are many brands that have remained in force generation after generation; but how have they achieved it? In this blog I want to teach you 5 marketing tips that will help your SME become a “legend” in your sector. “We’re going to keep playing, for sure.

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We are like the old monks, those who never give up. We’re going to play until we fall off the stage… The Rolling Stones won’t break up until all members are dead.”. Ronnie Wood (Rolling Stones guitarist) Work the brand ( branding ). At all times Tips-MarketingIt is a basic marketing advice. But sometimes it is left a bit forgotten for thinking more about customers buying. Of course! Without sales there is no business, but the great brands remain in time thanks to a strong work of their brand . In that sense, the Rolling Stones of business: They care that the brand is synonymous with trust, solidity and credibility. They build a reputation, an image consistent with their audience and with unique attributes and values that make them different.

Are consistent in the image they project with their corporate values. They know that all of the above will eventually be reflected in sales. Therefore, they understand that a mistake in brand management could be fatal. They create experiences and generate emotions Every Stones performance is a new emotion and experience for their fans, right? The loyalty of a client towards a brand lies (in addition to the quality of the product or service). In getting people to live new , impressive experiences (of those that are never forgotten) and emotional. Keep this in mind: To generate emotions. The marketing tip is to go beyond sales and create valuable content (printed or online). That brings out the feelings of customers.

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