Imagine you’re a restaurant and you hire a sign spinner to stand out front and welcome guests inside. And let’s say that you invest New Zealand Phone Number your whole year’s budget in them—you hire Jerry Seinfeld. He’s witty, he’s gregarious, and he talks hordes of people into coming through your doors … only for them to find out that the food’s New Zealand Phone Number no good and walk right back out. What would you have on your hands. The exact same problem as many modern marketers when they ignore the post-click experience. In this blog, I’ll give you some tips to help boost your post-click experience to maximize your ROI.

Post-click Matters New Zealand Phone Number

Visitors always want to know that they’ve made a good click. It’s an attention-based economy out there, and nobody has a moment to spare. If a potential customer is given any reason to think the place they arrive at isn’t as promised, they’ll bail. That’s why 63% of all new web visitors bounce instantly New Zealand Phone Number according to Kissmetrics and why most landing page conversions are so low. (To see how your landing page performance stacks up to your closest competitors, see the Unbounce Conversion Benchmark Report. So, what qualifies as a good click? When visitors find precisely what they came looking for.

The Closer the Ad New Zealand Phone Number

New Zealand Phone Number

Matches the page and terms of the offer, the greater chance of conversion, says Finge, CEO of Conversion Lab, a conversion rate New Zealand Phone Number optimization agency. If you’re a marketer spending bazillions on optimizing your advertising spend, but are just directing people to your main website or to convoluted landing pages, you’re New Zealand Phone Number essentially hiring Jerry Seinfeld to push people into a restaurant with bad food. For both your pre-click and post-click success, you can help yourself by getting more specific. What Makes a Good, Soft Landing? First off, stop sending PPC traffic to your website.



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