Pilar MartíNez , Senior Digital Marketing Consultant At Labelium Spain

Reestructurar una cuenta siguiendo el metodo Hagakure paso a paso Restructure an account by following the Hagakure method step by step 3. Analyze performance and optimize After the learning and testing phase, it is necessary to assess whether the objectives are achieved, if they were realistic and to place them in the context of the company, taking into account factors South Korea WhatsApp Number List related to it such as seasonality or its own calendar. promotions. With Hagakure, optimization is a subtle task : you have to give the algorithm time to interpret the changes made to the account and integrate them into its operation. This is why Google recommends making incremental adjustments of around 15% per week.

This is, for example, to avoid going from a target ROAS of 4 to a target ROAS of 8 at once and the same goes for budget movements. PILAR MARTÍNEZ , SENIOR DIGITAL MARKETING CONSULTANT AT LABELIUM SPAIN The Hagakure method and the power of machine learning Over time, Google Ads accounts have become more complex as the specificity and granularity of the structure have been favored. The Hagakure system involves a return to simplicity, but to intelligent simplicity that is based on the most advanced machine learning technology .

Implementation Of The Attribution Model With Machine Learning

in the data lake so that it attributes a value to each session and to each external impact received by the user. In this way, the probability of conversion is measured accurately. The algorithm performs the calculation at an individual level for each visit; these calculations are then aggregated to extract overall percentages to identify the weight of each interaction on final sales. Real-time and constantly evolving attribution Attribution models with machine learning make it possible on the one hand to analyze the effects of finalized advertising campaigns and on the other hand to provide a global vision of what is happening in real time.

This allows for continuous improvement of the strategy by detecting inefficiencies and correcting them. In addition, advanced attribution models can forecast the future in order to consider possible scenarios and opt for the most profitable ones. If you would like us to help you implement an advanced attribution model on your website or e-commerce, please don’t hesitate to contact us . We will study your case in a personalized way in order to find the most efficient way to implement it.

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