Pinterest for Businesses, the Social Network That Will Strengthen Your Image!

With more than 70 million active users and around 2 million queries typed on Pinterest each month, Pinterest is the social network that showcases your images classified by interest . Decorations for your living room, trips to the end of the world, infographics on communication tools… All themes can be discussed and shared. Like a huge mood board (trend board), Pinterest helps you find inspiration, consult new trends, follow your Israel Phone Number List competitors, but also communicate about your products and services . Used by individuals and increasingly by professionals, it is a veritable mine of information that can be consulted at any time.

Pinterest, the social network that will strengthen your image Do you want to know a little more about this social network? Jadéclo explains how to set up a Pinterest communication strategy for companies to develop your brand image . 3, 2, 1, surf the Pinterest trend! THE PHOTO-ORIENTED SOCIAL NETWORK What is Pinterest exactly? Pinterest is a free social network that was created in 2010. Available on computers, but also on tablets and laptops via an application, Pinterest has become THE social network allowing you to highlight your products or services in a very visual way.

How It Works ? With Pinterest, You Can Create Boards by Pinning Your Selected Photos

For example, you can classify the images by centers of interest, objects, services offered, benefits … You have the choice, it is you who are in control of your classification. Plus, Pinterest lets you do content curation ! Indeed, according to your research, the most relevant content will appear. Pinterest is a free social network that will boost your digital communication With a predominantly female audience (around 80% of users), Pinterest is: 300 million monthly active users worldwide in 2018 85% of traffic coming from the app 200 billion pins saved 2/3 of the pins linked to brands or products Some : this is a category (or an album) grouping together all of your pins according to a theme. Pins or pins: this is an element (made up of an image, a description and a link) that you will save or “pin” in your board.

A recording: this consists of recording a pin and associating it with a board (we can use the term “pin” or “pinner”), generally you save the pins of other users. How to get started on Pinterest for a business? On Pinterest, you can quickly and easily create a business account . If you don’t have one, you can directly create your business account through the Business Pinterest page . If you have previously created a personal Pinterest account for your business, we recommend that you turn it into a professional one . This will allow you to have a different layout, but also to evaluate your statistics.

To Do This, Click on the 3 Small Dots in Your Notifications

At the top right and select “add a professional account for free” . How to get started on Pinterest for a business easily? WHY USE PINTEREST TO COMMUNICATE? Pinterest is not just a social network where you share your content. It will allow you to go really further in the development of your communication strategy. With this tool, you will distribute your content, but also follow the content of thousands of users and brands. The objective is to create real added value for your business and to develop your brand image. Stay up to date and discover the latest trends The Pinterest social network is above all a tool for discovering new trends of the moment . Whether in terms of technology, decoration, fashion, food… It is a real source of information.

From the diagram of an architect, to a tutorial for Photoshop, through the latest decoration trend, you are bound to find what you are looking for. Watch and discover the latest trends with Pinterest for business Pinterest also allows you to track your competition . Indeed, you will be able to stay abreast of their latest news or creations. For example, are you an interior design store? Take a look at the Maisons du Monde account to see the featured pieces or the predominant colors. But that’s not all ! With Pinterest, find ideas and browse among the thousands of Pins that match your search for inspiration.

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