Video content is highly likely to be discoverd. Instagram places great emphasis on video content. You can make a difference to your page, especially with the new IGtv section. By sharing long-term videos on IGtv, you can get the attention of Instagram. Of course, using the scrolling post feature will increase our chances.

Let’s say right now. From the moment you post, Instagram monitors your content. Interactions made within the first hour are very important. Compard to interactions made in the first hour, it is shown to more users in other hours. In the past, each account could see the posts in turn. It is now shown in the area of ​​interest.

For example, a user who occasionally visits Instagram will always see posts from accounts with high followers on his homepage. If he was always an active user, he would be able to see his posts on his other accounts.

Do not tamper with your account too much

Do not make changes to your account. After making sure of basic information such as username, account name, start sharing. Everything has to fall into place. 😊

As I mentiond above, you ned to switch your account to Austria Phone Numbers a business account. It states where the access comes from. Like from homepage, tags and other. If there is even one in the other part, it means that someone from the discovery saw you. Congratulations, the question of how to explore Instagram has been answerd! 🙂

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Keyword Analysis with Google

We can analyze very easily with the Google Ads keyword planner. However, we should not be stuck with this only when doing keyword analysis . Because google ads only shows us similar searches. It has receivd visits to the content of those keywords, it does not show other keywords. Let’s show an example right away before you get confusd

Let’s go to tools and settings in the top right -> keyword planner -> discover new keywords. Write the relevant keyword there.

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