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International Industry Marketing , International Webmarketing , SEO Referencing Generating leads and acquiring new customers are the primary goals for most businesses when creating a profile on online B2B catalogs and portals. Online directories and directories can be a valuable tool to outperform the competition by engaging in a “virtual attack” by reserving the best seats. Through this article, we will explain to you why a planned approach is so Cyprus WhatsApp Number List important, what are the conditions required when you want to create a company listing on an online platform or portal and what are the precautions to take or common mistakes to be made. to be vigilant.

Thus, in order to generate traffic and gain competitive advantage, it is important to consider all the phases of a web portal campaign – whether operating in the domestic or international market. Definition of the strategy Preperation Start-up or “start-up” (create a company profile with products, brochures, etc.) Control Management and maintenance (verification, updates, communication with suppliers) Monitoring / Tracking (performance monitoring) Analyzes / Creation of reports Unfortunately, many businesses lack the knowledge to properly complete or plan their entries on online portals or directories. It very often happens that once their profile has been created and duly completed, it is ignored or processed within particularly long periods of time. On the other hand, it can be complex to assess the quality and relevance of a web portal.

Without Strategy, Planning, Monitoring And Performance Measurement

it is impossible for a company to determine whether its presence in a particular directory or catalog is bearing fruit or not. The selection In general, it is easy to differentiate between B2C and B2B web portals, vertical or horizontal. B2C directories are particularly suitable for local businesses or businesses (hairdressers, service companies, etc.), while B2B directories focus on industrial products or services offered nationally or internationally. Horizontal or “generalist” portals bring together as much information as possible from all topics on a single site, thus attracting a larger audience.

On the other hand, vertical portals also called “vortals” are portals specialized in a particular field (eg: automotive portal) whose object is to become the reference in this field with a specific theme, an industry or an audience. target. The selection of B2C or B2B portal results in itself, on the other hand, the selection of horizontal or vertical portals at national or international level must be planned. Strategy development — Process — Sustainability, In order to develop a sustainable strategy, the objectives and goals to be achieved, must be clearly defined, but beyond that it is necessary to think of the implementation, control and potential optimization measures also necessary.

Does the Company Have Sufficient Resources?

If so, where are they located? The main objectives of a web portal campaign are: Lead generation Acquisition of new customers Increase in traffic and visits Presence and virtual image compared to your competitors SEO Optimization in SEO — improve your website’s organic rankings with quality backlinks Complement in addition to SEA campaigns to boost traffic to your site Presentation and dissemination of new products and services The type of repertoire chosen has a strong influence on the achievement of the above-mentioned objectives. The scope of an entry or the amount of information available in a portal can make a big difference in terms of results.

Paid catalogs generally offer a quick way to connect with suppliers and update content. On the other hand, contacting the suppliers of free tickets is sometimes very time-consuming. The telephone number or e-mail address are not systematically indicated in the legal notices, or if necessary, this information may be defective or obsolete. Sometimes suppliers have to be contacted several times. For example, if you want to make 50 entries or profiles on national catalogs, it takes around 1 ½ days (5 min x 50 entries x minimum 3 supplier contact attempts = 12.5 h). A telephone contact is not enough, in fact after sending the connection data, the changes must be entered manually.

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