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To conclude : End of the Hootsuite VS Buffer fight! You now know all the pros and cons of these social media management platforms, now it’s up to you! And if you still can’t decide between Hootsuite and Buffer, feel free to test their respective free versions to decide which one suits you best! To do this, prepare an action plan in advance with materials already thought out and written so that you only have to adapt them before distribution. If you are the Sri Lanka Phone Number List first to provide the information, rumors and gossip won’t have time to do it for you. Obviously, prepare your contact plan in advance . Who are you going to distribute this information to? As with a global communication plan ,

it is important to address the right people: your consumers but also opinion influencers (press, social influencers). Step 2: channel the different emitting sources It is important to set up a crisis unit and to define a spokesperson. When the time comes, consider setting up a crisis unit . This will allow you to coordinate actions under the directives of a spokesperson, the sole source of official information. Plan to share information on social media to get messages straight to your consumers and keep the information from getting out of hand. Remember that consistency must be the key word ! Step 3: master the messages broadcast Strict information control is essential.

Beyond the Consistency of the Words, Each Word Must Be Weighed

So that the message is clear and that it cannot be misinterpreted (avoid accumulating crises…). Establishing a communication plan to have a coherent speech and put in place relevant tools will allow you to follow a common thread of well thought out actions to stem this crisis. CORPORATE CRISIS COMMUNICATION: RELEVANT CASE STUDIES? Whether it’s an internal or external crisis, crisis communication is always necessary. We can therefore learn from 2 highly publicized cases, which the brands involved would like to forget. Nutella Amendment For several years, Nutella has been plagued by many criticisms of its famous spread.

But in 2012, the brand had to face a most aggressive “attack” from the French government with the passage of the Nutella amendment. The Senate chooses to tax at 300% the palm oil present in the spread. The argument put forward is that this ingredient is bad for health while being destructive for the environment . Nutella reacted well to criticism of palm oil Well prepared Nutella wasted no time in expressing a response to this hard blow. Only 2 days after the passage of the amendment, a well-crafted crisis communication campaign on the benefits of palm oil was set up.

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The message that Nutella wants to convey is clear: the company is the victim of injustice. The well-orchestrated responsiveness of the brand demonstrates the preparatory work carried out well in advance of the scandal . The Blackface affair of the French Slip Some crises can become difficult to manage even when they originate from within. This was the case for the Le Slip Français sign accused of racism in early 2020. The Le Slip Français brand was able to be reactive during its crisis communication Putting it in context: videos in which employees get along on “Saga Africa” while blackface and monkey cries have made the rounds on social networks.

Even if the video shows that the facts were produced outside the context of the company, the Le Slip Français brand was boycotted because it was deemed racist by its customers. The video having been relayed on Twitter and Facebook, the scandal therefore spread extremely quickly with an extraordinary reach. The exercise of crisis management for the management of Slip Français was therefore complex and had to be played out in record time to prevent the crisis from becoming unmanageable and causing too many losses for the chain. Several measures were therefore quickly put in place, starting with the relay of several speeches by managers and press releases on social networks (starting points of the scandal.

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