I’m pleased to welcome Mike Nierengarten, Founder of Obility Consulting, an internet marketing company as a guest blogger. Mike has spent the last 7 years driving increases in revenue & lowering customer acquisition costs for his clients by optimizing their online marketing tactics.

The value of a lead is relative. Most marketing departments would be more comfortable handing off a lead from [email protected] than one from [email protected] Yet, from an online marketing perspective, these leads often look the same.

Ad Networks Like

Google AdWords offer robust reporting, but they are fairly limited in evaluating the quality of a lead. For most ad networks, a conversion Ghana Phone Number is typically triggered when a visitor completes a lead capture form and lands on a thank you page. Unfortunately, leads are fairly useless without an eventual sale. Marketers need to understand the effectiveness of their online campaigns because managing a campaign based solely on leads can lead to destruction.

An example:

Marketo’s lead management campaigns are not too different from its clients. Marketo’s campaign goals are to identify prospects that are likely to turn into customers. In one campaign, we targeted Google’s Search and Display networks over the course of a month. Based on Google’s conversion reports, the Display Network seemed a pretty attractive option (all numbers are for example purposes only)

If I Was to Manage

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From AdWords alone, piping more money into the Display Network is a no-brainer. Dirt cheap conversions and high volume, what more could Marketo ask for? And, not surprisingly, Google’s reps had the exact same thought. “Build out dozens more Display campaigns” seemed to be Google’s marching orders, repeated in lockstep over weekly chats.

Now, this campaign wasn’t my first lead management rodeo, and so I wanted to look at lead scoring data before recommending a further course of action. How qualified were these conversions from Search & Display (again, all numbers fictional)?

Well, now I was a convert. Sure the Display Network drove a high volume of undesirables, but who can argue with cheaper prospects? Doubling down on Display made sense. It’s tough to argue with the numbers.

And, that is exactly what we did. For the next 3 months, we gorged on Display leads, doubling our monthly spend. From a prospect (qualified lead) standpoint, we crushed it: each subsequent month, better than the last. The future was bright, but was this new deluge of prospects actually translating to sales and boosting the bottom line? Inquisitive minds (and folks who pay my fees) wanted to know.

As a paid search manager, it is incredibly valuable to know the worth of a keyword. That value directly translates into a bid. In knowing that bid, I can predict monthly clicks, which gives me lead volume, and ultimately, monthly ROI of a given keyword. With that knowledge, I can get the most of each keyword and devote budget where it will be most effective. All of a sudden my job goes from maximizing form submissions to maximizing return on investment.


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