Surely you have read that in April 2020 a rule came into force that prohibits presenting animated characters on food packaging. But why will we say goodbye to Tigre Toño and the rest of these characters? The reason: the changes to NOM 051, the Official Mexican Standard that determines how the labeling of food and non-alcoholic beverages should be at the national level. This standard has undergone several changes over time. The most recent was approv on March 27, 2020 and entered into force on April 1 of the same year. In this article we present a practical guide to understand the changes that were made in NOM 051, and how it affects the packaging of food and non-alcoholic beverages.

Product Denomination the

Product name refers to the short description of the contents of the package. Until before the modification, it was Macedonia Phone Number requested that the denomination be found in the Main Exhibition Area (SPE) and that it be clear and legible. Now, the standard requires that in addition to being on the main display surface. The font must be in bold parallel to the base of the design. And at least the same size as the net content. Requirements for the denomination: appear on the main exhibit surface. Bold font in line parallel to the design base at least the same size as the net. Content imitation products according to nom 051 the products called imitation. Are those prepackag products that are made with processes or ingredients differen.T from the one they intend to imitate and that have a similar appearance to it.

Until Before the Modification

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To nom 051, this information consisted of the legend this container provides: followed by five. Rectangles with the information in percentages of saturated fat other fats total sugars and. Sodium followed by the number of calories provided by the total container. With the changes to nom 051, the containers will now present up to five octagonal seals that. Indicate the excess of some substance in addition to up to two legends. That warn about the content of sweeteners and caffeine. Seals the five seals that must now be integrat into the packaging are: excess calories excess. Sodium excess trans fat excess sugars excess saturated fat said stamps must have an octagonal shape. With a black background and a white margin around it.

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