When it comes to converting prospects to customers, a marketer’s most valuable asset is a targeted landing page. Research has shown Denmark Phone Number  that businesses with 40 or more landing pages generate 12 times more leads than those with 1 to 5. But just building more landing pages doesn’t guarantee more conversions. They have to be Denmark Phone Number built right. The trouble is, most marketers still spend most of their time perfecting the pre-click experience than they do the post-click experience. Demographic reports, surveys, ebooks and tip sheets—there’s nothing a marketer won’t sift through to create a great ad.

But Too Many Marketers Forget Denmark Phone Number

That the ad is only the first impression—known as the “pre-click experience. ”What happens next is what makes a prospect into a lead, a lead into a customer, a customer into a repeat customer. What Denmark Phone Number happens next is called the “post-click experience. ”The pre-click experience: Everything that happens before a prospect clicks your ad. Logos, colors, headlines, images; relevance; when and Denmark Phone Number where it’s seen. These are just a few examples of what can impact a prospect’s willingness to click your ad. The post-click experience: Everything that happens after a prospect clicks your ad. Page load time, skimmable text, usability, informational images, message match.

These Are Just a Few Examples of Denmark Phone Number

Denmark Phone Number

What can impact your prospect’s decision to convert. Most marketers already know what impacts the pre-click experience. But, to many, terms like “message match” and “contrasting CTA buttons,” don’t mean much. Today we’re going to make sense of them, so that first impression turns into more Denmark Phone Number than just a click. Landing Page Elements That Optimize the Post-Click Experience From the top to the bottom, here are a few of the most important things to feature on your landing page Denmark Phone Number to optimize the post-click experience and boost the odds of converting your visitors. 1. A 1:1 Conversion Ratio Attention spans are shorter than ever, and your landing page is competing with countless distractions.

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