Predictive Marketing for the HVAC Industry

Last week we discussed the opportunities offered by BtoB predictive marketing. We concluded that predictive marketing is a very important tool to put in place in a business. Whether in an ROI or human resource approach, the advantages of predictive marketing are multiple. But what about a specialized industry like HVAC ( Heating, Ventilation and Air-conditioning )? As a reminder, the acronym HVAC is the equivalent of the French acronym Papua New Guinea Email List CVC which stands for heating, ventilation and air conditioning . This industry, which is aimed at both individuals and professionals, is experiencing strong expansion, reaching today a turnover of more than 16 billion euros in France.

The HVAC universe already uses many technologies such as artificial intelligence, IoT. It is even at the cutting edge of technology in many areas. In view of the expansion of the market, changes in consumption patterns, predictive marketing is a necessary tool in this industry. We will therefore see why predictive marketing is essential for a growing industry. We will take the example of the HVAC or HVAC field to show the usefulness of such a marketing technology. Predictive marketing in a nutshell How can we define predictive marketing is the first question we will raise. Predictive marketing is defined as the means of knowing the past or future habits of a future customer. Predictive marketing is facing changes in consumption patterns due to digitization.

As a reminder, a study conducted by Google shows

That 74% of us do web research before making a purchase. Whether in our private or professional lives, our habits remain the same. If we want a more precise definition, we must group together the different points and uses of predictive marketing which are: The prediction called churn prediction which consists in predicting the phenomena linked to the loss of customers. Prediction is one of the key points for measuring the actions of commercial strategies while measuring the quality of the services sold. Actions carried out with the tools set up by Google, in particular with regard to advertising. In particular adwords and retargeting. The concept of lead scoring which is an important part of the predictive marketing process.

It allows you to detect the number of actions carried out by a lead / prospect on your website. The higher the score, the more items you will have to bring to it. By combining it with marketing automation, lead scoring allows you to personalize your actions with your leads. The customer lifetime value which allows to know if a customer comes only for a one-shot or not. Use of CRM, CRC and marketing automation tools. We can therefore define predictive marketing as the means of anticipating needs in order to provide a better customer experience. It also has a social vocation by facilitating exchanges between a company and a customer while offering personalization.

How and why to use predictive marketing

particularly in the field of HVAC, is one of the most important marketing issues. Predictive marketing must take into account the fact: Anticipate the needs of a potential client Offer a personalized customer experience in order to give perfect customer satisfaction Know customer expectations Being able to make offers on time Traditional marketing and sales actions in a field like HVAC are not as effective as they used to be. These actions must be thought of in omnichannel ways, that is to say by using digital and traditional means of communication. These same channels must also be thought of in an omni-digital way, that is to say on all the digital channels.

Today, with the massification of data from Big Data, new technologies such as artificial intelligence, anticipating the needs of an individual is a strategic point that must be developed. We now know that artificial intelligence is built around algorithms called weak artificial intelligence. This allows us to collect data from website users and process them in real time. Associated with marketing automation and the concept of lead scoring, it is possible to know the purchasing attentions of a person. In addition, it makes it possible to personalize all the messages and thus create a relationship of trust while providing a high customer experience. Another important point to take into account on the reasons for using predictive marketing is that of well-being at work.

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