We buy experiences, emotions, feelings, status and the packaging is part of the environment that makes us feel what we love and for which we buy the product. It is not just “any little bag”, knowing the importance of marketing in this element and applying it makes the product sell more and reach the right consumers. When talking about marketing a product, we necessarily have to talk about how it is packaged. The best part is that you have another element where you can express the personality of your brand… and you should. Although, from the outset, a wrapper is ephemeral, a professional design transcends and that is why some people even collect them. What attracts so much about the packaging? All! When designing them you can play with the texture, the design, the shape, the weight and even the smell.

How to Create a

Luxury brand packaging? -Logical and analytical function We must not forget what a package is for and its function, which is to Luxembourg Phone Number transport. Always take care that your designs are easy to close easy to load, easy to store. And not to contaminate reuse or end up as an ornament on a shelf. You can create a very innovative and beautiful desig, but if it has no logic or functionalit, it is useless. Emotional what emotions do you want to remember or make feel for example. In the photo frames they usually put a stock photo as a sample, if you look closely. They always put a very emotional photo of a family, couple or friends. Seeing it can bring back memories and emotions to you and for that reason you buy the portrait. To place your own photo, observe it often and feel what the sample photo made you remember.

It’s Just a Small Example

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Of a product that may or may not be luxury, but they know how to pack it. Psychology and marketing are always present. Survival and protection this point is very important if your product is sold online. Because it has to pass through many hands on the way before reaching the final consumer. At this point there may be conflict because the most elegant and beautiful material is not always the most resistant. The key is to find that middle ground. Today there is a wide variety of materials for you to get it. Message consistency the design attracts and generates an experience. But what decides the purchase is the information you put on the packaging.

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