“Products In This Video”, A New Youtube Test To Boost Online Sales

YouTube recently tested “ Products in this video ”, a new feature that aims to bring the world of online video closer to that of e-commerce sales. Naturally, YouTube is already a big part of the TOFU and MOFU stages of the funnel. So how do you harness the power of online video to drive online sales directly on the platform ? This is the purpose of “Products in this video”: let’s see what it is. How will “Products in this video” work? The official page of Kuwait WhatsApp Number List Features and YouTube Experiments described ” Products in this video ” as “a test that will show the audience what are the products mentioned in the video with new visuals (which appear superimposed in and under the video).

For example, in a video that promotes ” 10 best smartphones of 2020 ”, users will be able to see a shopping icon with information and links of models mentioned in the video. For the moment, this test takes place in the United States for a fixed period, in order to see how the audience reacts. While it seems obvious that this feature will be available on laptops as well as computers, YouTube has yet to confirm anything. One question remains: will yououtubers or tagged them be able to choose which links will be shown? or will the selection be made automatically? According to 9to5Google ,

Everything Suggests That Youtube’s Artificial Intelligence Systems

will have an important role to play in the process. “Products in this video” thus adds to other YouTube initiatives that rely on e-commerce to expand the monetization possibilities offered to creators. For example, already in 2018, the platform set up YouTube merchandising , a program for which it has partnered with the Teenspring personalized product store. In addition, another feature available for brands and YouTubers is the use of YouTube Cards , which make it possible to insert links and provide a direct feed to any online store. Productos en este vídeo busca aumentar el tráfico directo a tiendas online desde YouTube “Products in This Video” Boosts Sales-

Driven Video Marketing According to a Google / Ipsos study carried out in the United States , 90% of users discover new products on YouTube and, when researching a product, 80% of respondents say they switch between searches on Google and those on the platform. online video. A separate study by Google shows that, for example, Spanish-speaking markets, already 40% of users buy products they have discovered through YouTube videos. With this information, it is undeniable that YouTube occupies a prominent place in the stages preceding a purchase. However, the fact that video marketing is moving closer to e-commerce and functioning as an effective digital storefront capable of directly driving online sales is nothing new.

In This Sense And From A Performance Point Of View

we highlight the YouTube TrueView for Action advertising format. The goal of these types of campaigns is to get user feedback , whether it’s a direct visit to the online store or filling out a form. It is therefore crucial to use relevant CTAs, as well as to select the audience wisely to identify not only the affinity of their interests with the brand or product (Custom Affinity), but also their purchase intentions (Custom Intent). . YouTube and the power of Social Commerce With “Products in this video”, YouTube continues to explore the possibilities of the platform as an immediate sales lever. This adapts perfectly to the activity of users who come to this social network looking for unboxing, tutorials, demonstrations and product reviews .

The new feature will shorten their buyer’s journey by channeling product interest directly into e-commerce. The long list of tests performed by YouTube shows that the online video giant continues to innovate to enrich the experience of users and brands on its platform. The under-research feature we reviewed today, “ Products in This Video, ” joins the long- awaited YouTube Shorts and the beta of the YouTube Video Builder tool .

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