QR CODE: What is it? and how does it work?

With the covid-19 pandemic, QR codes are reappearing. You have no doubt heard of the implementation of digital menus in restaurants or the digital travel certificate with QR code. They are taking an increasingly important place in our daily lives. Are you ready to use them? But what is it exactly? With this guide, you will know everything about this small 2D square that is shaking up our habits! Definition of the term QR Code What is a QR CODE? A QR code is a kind of bar code that you scan with your smartphone in order to view online Liberia Email List information about a company, a product, an administration or a person. This information can be presented in different forms: website, Facebook page, video, menu, maps, etc.

A QR can also be used to trigger an action such as a phone call. This two-dimensional barcode usually takes the form of a small square made up of small white and black pixels (pixels are tiny tiny squares, these are the smallest elements that together make up an image). But it can also be presented in different shapes and colors to best adapt to all communication media .. And very restricted when creating a website to optimize the direct traffic of your Internet users without the risk of them. lose through search engines. It still has 3 large squares positioned in the corners that are called the “eyes” of the QR codes.

There may also be smaller “eyes” located in the middle of the QR code

QR code is the diminutive in English of “quick response code” which translates to “code de respond quickly”. This name was chosen to emphasize the speed with which access to information by QR code is available. One of the advantages that we will discuss a little later in this article. It is also called tag, flashcode, 2D code or even datamatrix. The inventor of the QR code is the Japanese company Denso Wave, which created it in 1994 with the aim of better tracking and traceability of automotive spare parts in Toyota factories. What is a dynamic QR CODE?

As we explained to you previously, when a QR code is scanned with a mobile phone , it directs the user to a very specific destination, for example a website or a Facebook page. A dynamic QR code means that the creator of this dynamic QR code can change his destination at any time. This is very useful if you have printed a ton of flyers and you want to change the destination of your QR code, for example indicate your website instead of your Facebook page, this will prevent you from having to throw away all your flyers and reprint.

Features and Benefits Now that we have explained to you what a QR code

We will see what it is used for and understand the importance of its use. Create a QR Code What is a QR code for? It is used for a lot of things! Its main functionality is to allow users to quickly access specific content. Here are some examples of its use: On the packaging of a product to provide access to precise information on the product (instructions for use, technical sheet, product composition, etc.). But also in museums. Indeed, they give visitors the opportunity to learn more about the works. Or in the press. Visible on newspapers and magazines to access discounts, contests or games. And again in a training center to provide access to enriched documents and resources.

In a congress or exhibition fair, a QR code containing your vcard (virtual business card) to share your contact details (phone, email, etc.) very easily and quickly in the most reliable way. On the advertisement of an application, to add a link to the various application stores (or app stores ) in order to increase its download As you can see, its features are multiple and many more. It also allows you to communicate a message, open a video, get a note from your customers, send an e-mail or an SMS, make a call, locate a place, present an image gallery …

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