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Do not enter too many variations of the same word Include script variations or synonyms In order to optimize your backend, several tools are available: AMZ Tracker MerchantWords Scientific Seller There are others, whether for backend management or for price and competitor tracking. Understanding the Amazon algorithm M13H Amazon Tool Amazon’s Senegal WhatsApp Number List algorithm (often referred to as A9) is used by Amazon to rank products on a results page (SERP) based on a set of factors. The main factor is the presence or absence of the searched keyword in the backend of the product.

If your product does not contain the user’s query, chances are it will not be taken into account when viewing results. So, managing keywords in the backend is a very important part of SEO on Amazon. Secondly, Amazon will try to predict if your product will perform on user research, the goal of Amazon being to maximize sales. The algorithm will therefore take into account a set of criteria such as: The click-through rate of your product on the search page (CTR) The conversion rate achieved by your product in the past The total number of sales User comments on your product M13h , an entity of the Labelium group, has developed a tool that allows you to analyze your product and that of competitors in order to see the optimizations to be carried out so that you reach a better position.

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if you have any questions about M13h’s Amazon tool. You will understand, SEO on Amazon requires a set of knowledge of the algorithm, the user and the competitors. Selling a product on Amazon takes time and commitment if you want to appear high on search results. After a few days, once the CPAs have stabilized, there will be enough insights to change the bidding strategy to a target CPA strategy . Over the following weeks and based on the data collected, the optimization of TrueView for Action ads on YouTube will aim to expand the audience (if budgets are not consumed or if conversions are not achieved), to diversify the advertisements, to modify the messages or to adjust the desired conversion rate until reaching the maximum efficiency standards.

YouTube, an increasingly popular advertising channel in e-commerce With formats such as TrueView for Action and features under test such as “Products in this video” , YouTube confirms its commitment to the world of e-commerce, to which it presents itself as a complementary sales channel . Likewise, advertising on YouTube is becoming more and more precise and relevant thanks to tools such as Brand Lift surveys , which make it possible to assess the impact of campaigns by directly collecting user feedback. All of this makes YouTube an essential part of any online marketing strategy, regardless of the stages of the funnel it claims to cover. CONTACT US

They Become Very Precise, As They Are Fed By An Increasingly Large Data History

That allows them to analyze in detail the reactions of users to the suggestions presented. Los models of machine learning its capacities of relacionar artículos from patrones 3. Advanced attribution models with machine learning The complexity of user purchasing journeys in the retail sector has increased due to the implementation of an omnichannel strategy in which the boundaries between online and offline actions are blurred , increasing demand. number of sales platforms and the emergence of new advertising environments such as TikTok.

In marketing, the analysis of the buyer’s journey has always been the subject of study, but so far it had not been drawn with such a high level of precision. And this is due to advanced attribution models with machine learning . Attribution models that work with machine learning make it possible to radiograph the user’s online behavior at all times . To do this, they integrate data collected on external platforms (for example, that from advertising campaigns of different channels) and information from the site itself. Based on this realistic scenario, it is possible to monitor the profitability of each channel, redistribute budgets or assess the effectiveness of the affiliate network.

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