Reaction Aid for Businesses: All You Need to Know About This Grant!

Businesses must continually adapt. The ways of selling, of obtaining prospects evolve. Because of the crisis, the digitization of companies is now essential, after having been inevitable. Since October 29, 2020, we have been in the second lockdown. Restaurants and businesses deemed non-essential have yet to close their doors. These companies have once again had to adapt. Reviewing the way they make their products accessible to as many people as New Zealand Phone Number List possible, reviewing their process to continue selling, this now involves a channel that is not necessarily fully accepted in certain sectors: the web. The only thing is, adapting costs money! Setting up a click & collect system, developing an e-commerce site,

it costs money ! Going digital can cost less with this new aid from the PACA REGION, the RÉACTION aid . REACTION DEVICE: WHAT IS IT EXACTLY? The State provides new aid, which is called REACTION aid. These letters hide a web grant that can range from 2000 euros to 5000 euros . Intended initially for the tourism professions when it was released in July 2020, it has now turned to businesses and craftsmen since October 2020. Its goal? “Help support and accelerate the digitalization of companies”. Jadéclo dissects the information on this REACTION grant and offers to assist you in the management of your grant application file .

So… action? The device in a few figures Sometimes the numbers speak

for more than a long paragraph so here is some useful data about this new paca device: The amount of the digital aid subsidy is between € 2,000 and € 5,000 The region will cover a maximum of 70% of the expenses of your action At least € 2,000 in digital spending CAN YOU QUALIFY FOR IT? Several criteria must be met to be eligible for this digital grant. It concerns craftsmen, traders, businesses in the social and solidarity economy (mutual societies, associations, etc.). Applicant companies must have 20 employees or less and have achieved at least € 20,000 in turnover in 2020.

If you wish to apply for a REACTION grant from the Southern Region, you must undergo ” directly a total or partial closure measure linked to the Covid-19 health crisis “. Location in the city center is a criterion that will give you priority. Of course, you will also need to be registered with the Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CCI). SOME CONCRETE EXAMPLES This aid will allow a large number of companies to invest in the web or in a digital solution to adapt to the situation and the one that is coming, especially with the end of year celebrations . Jadéclo gives you some examples.

Do not hesitate to contact us to find out if your scenario may

correspond to the grant application. Digital tools : installation, configuration of computer hardware, online payment equipment, online appointments, ordering software, customer and / or supplier relationship management. This also includes the implementation of click & collect solutions (including installation and start-up costs, QR code systems. Website : Create your website (showcase site or redesign your website, this is one of the actions that correspond, in the same way as marketing platforms, etc., Online sale, collection and delivery of orders :

any specific arrangement and purchase for the implementation of solutions, etc. Content : update your web content strategy following your new arrangements GRANT FILE: WHAT AM I BEING ASKED? The file includes several parts to fill in, here they are in summary: part of a presentation of the company, a description part of the investment project, in which you must precisely describe your project, its objectives and the back-planning that you wish to apply for its realization. You will also be asked what technology will be necessary for the implementation of your site and the expected results.

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