Recruitment in a technical hotline to improve the customer experience.

Whether they are B2C or B2B, technical hotlines need highly qualified personnel, but how to recruit them. With our 35 years of experience, we are going to share with you some little secrets about recruiting in a technical hotline. Because yes, the right recruitment in technical hotline is essential today, it is in your reputation and by extension of your sales. So yes, for many of you internalizing a technical hotline is manageable, but what do you do when your sales Bolivia Email List increases? Do you choose to recruit more, to use an outsourced technical hotline? Rather low-cost or specialized? The goal you must meet is above all customer satisfaction.

By customer satisfaction, we mean providing a pleasant user experience, because a satisfied customer and a loyal customer who will recommend your brand. So how do you recruit the right technical hotline to provide a good customer experience and thus create more commitments. Why is good technical hotline recruitment important? As mentioned in the introduction, the recruitment of technicians is extremely important to provide a good customer experience. Customer experience must be at the heart of your marketing and sales strategies.

Numerous studies show that the customer experience

Is a crucial issue for the good health of a company. Indeed, nearly 95% of satisfied customers will call on your brand if they have a need and those thanks to a successful customer experience. In addition, 75% of them will not hesitate to commit to your brand. This commitment to B2B materializes around social networks and word of mouth . Recruiting the right technician also has significant economic value. Indeed, if this one is able to answer a reasonable number of calls, it has an important economic value in particular in a context of outsourcing. If you employ an outsourced person your cost price will be lower and you will also have a better ROI.

In addition, we know from experience that very good technicians are often needed by customers themselves when they call. The objective of good recruiting in an outsourced technical hotline is to: Reduce your costs and charges Respond to the growth of your activities and ensure the continuity of your services Have a better return on investment Call on specialized people capable of building customer loyalty for you. The different stages of recruitment in a technical hotline. Recruitment by technical hotline in an outsourced center like ours goes through different stages.

The goal of all these steps is to find the ideal candidate

This one must answer: To the different customer criteria, Knowledge of the environment In the DNA of the provider. It all starts with responding to a call for tenders, a request generated via the web or prospecting. During the first exchanges we have with a lead / prospect, we try to understand, analyze and target their needs with them. The objective is to offer a fair service and adapt to these needs. No need to have 10 technicians for 80 calls / day, that would be nonsense. In terms of ratio, a technician handles around 25 to 30 calls per day. This number of managed calls makes it possible to offer a customer relationship service adapted to each person calling on technicians.

Therefore, in our opinion, finding the right technician should be based on: Specific knowledge on a core business. Like low-cost call centers, we favor human contact and the technical skills of a technician. For us, a technician is a person specialized in a trade. The technical points that a technician has to avoid having a scripted diagram which means that there is no real customer listening. This first allows the customer to feel understood and his problem to be quickly resolved. Secondly, this allows the technician to be more fulfilled and to do a better job. Understanding and adaptability, because each customer does not understand the same way what a technician says. Do you want to be supported in your process of increasing your leads ? We invite you to contact our teams for more information.

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