Recruitment Website Designer (M / F)

Offer N0 SK-CAP-247 Web agency in Nimes & Montpellier Extern’Market SARL Founded in 2006 in Paris Center, the agency initially turned to market outsourcing. In 2021, the agency is expanding into various market segments: – Website creation – Social media management – Website maintenance – Graphics, videos and visuals creation – Social Media training, Marketing strategy, telemarketing & PAO Training organization Zimbabwe Email List since 2018, referenced with OPCA / OPCO. Looking for his web designer (M / F) We are looking for a profile to strengthen our web designer team.

Your missions will be: – Optimizing the construction of the interfaces of our various e-commerce sites, to improve their ergonomics and facilitate the customer experience. – Optimize and update the image database. – Various graphic design missions. – Development of website traffic. – Participation in mailing campaigns. – Creation of a new e-commerce website under WordPress and Prestashop. – SEO web. – Website maintenance. -Design of videos. You qualify as rigorous, methodical, curious, motivated.

You have a good knowledge of object-oriented programming

PHP, SQL language as well as the trio HTML / CSS / Javascript. Do you think you have the skills, the qualities, and the desire to join us? Let us know about your application and we will study it carefully. Skills & aptitudes sought: Marketing: WordPress, Prestashop, Google & its tools (Adwords, Analytics, Tools, Trend), Mailify. Social Media: Good knowledge of Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Snapchat, and Tiktok. Ads : Facebook; Instagram & Google. DTP: Adobe suite including Illustrator and Photoshop At least two years of experience in website design.

With business recommendations presented in a professional file with CV, LM and portfolio. Remuneration of the position + Expense reports based on travel and teleworking. + Bonus on quarterly objectives + Collective agreement bonus (January of each year) + Company mutual insurance company at 400% of the TM SS (150 € Osthéo & Podiatrist / 350% on specialists / 300% doctor / 75 € for the single CHU room / 350% dental / 450 € for glasses or lenses) – Coverage 50 % company / 50% employee + Kadéos and Holiday Vouchers + Incentive + PEE & PERCO.

People have a short attention span, especially for promotional material

Make sure every word you write is useful, catchy, and designed to get visitors to click on your CTA. Don’t skimp on the visuals. As an online store, people want to see exactly what you are selling to them. You must include visual elements in your email for your products. And if you’re launching a new product, photos and videos are the way to showcase it. 05. SEO Optimize your site SEO optimization Wix SEO optimization Your potential audience is already Google searching for products like yours anyway. You just need to find a way to be one of the first online stores that they see in the search results.

The way to get your business to rank high in Google’s search results is through a process called Search Engine Optimization (SEO). SEO is the process of increasing eCommerce traffic by striving to get your site to the top of the list of specific search results. To make sure your SEO plan is effective, start by understanding some critical SEO terms, such as keywords. These are short sentences or individual words that help people find your online store through search engines. Some are more popular than others, so it takes some research to find the most suitable words.

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