Reopening of restaurants, bars & shops

The 1st Minister Edouard Philippe will in the coming days discuss the businesses which will be able to reopen from June 2, 2020. In the information given, only the departments in the green zone should be able to welcome customers again. And of course, with a strict sanitary protocol . Also, at present, on the 26th of May, the cafes restaurants but also the Monaco Email List tourism and leisure sector are still on short-time working. So all businesses have until the end of the month, if the department is green, to adopt the appropriate sanitary conditions to prevent Covid19 .

And, it seems that the reopening of cafes and restaurants are eagerly awaited 😉 5 tips to secure your customers and employees Reopening of trade: measures to be taken related to the coronavirus pandemic Protective equipment for employees in commerce and catering 1 – Protect your employees and collaborators with special Covid19 protective equipment First of all, you must equip your collaborators & employees within the framework of their function. Then, depending on your job, we will have to provide: – at least: a mask. – Then depending, we can also design a protective visor or even glasses.

Finally, always depending on your business, plastic gloves or even gowns will be necessary

And of course, it will be necessary to provide all of your employees with several sets of entire equipment for each day of the week. So plan, at least 3 separate copies per employee. 2 – Install protective walls at reception and at the cash desk. Still depending on your reception and sales location, each counter and counter must be equipped with a protective screen between the customer and your employee. To go faster and less expensive, the plexiglass wall remains the good compromise. The minimum budget per screen is from € 59.95 excluding VAT per unit. Covid-19: Information, recommendations & health measures for companies 3 – Adopt a preventive health protocol Here there are legal obligations… ..

and common sense. So, we will go on: Installation of a gel or hydroalcoholic liquid distribution terminal available at the entrance to the store. Establish a direction of travel in the trade with guide posts and markings on the ground. And announce the number of people accepted inside your business. This notion is based on the square meters of your premises. This should be done to avoid crowding your customers into your business. But also respect the required social distancing of a minimum of one meter. Covid 19 protective signs for shops, bars and restaurants

Adopt visuals and POS in your business Indeed

It will be necessary to set up: Information on the point of sale on Covid19 But also to announce the number of customers accepted (on the front and inside your business). And also markings for the direction of traffic and respect for the distance between 2 people. Disinfection rules to adopt for a business following the covid-19 crisis 5 – Permanent cleaning of reception areas Here, no intransigence! Your business must always be “clean” and disinfected. In particular after each customer visit with a bactericidal spray. Are you looking for support for the implementation of your health protocol? Need help setting up your business visual with its logo ? Or still need to create a website with drive or delivery ? Please complete the form below, our team will contact you as soon as possible.

To arrive today at nearly 700 products put online. And what is the daily or weekly workload? On the technical side, I deployed the 1st model of the e-commerce drive site in 5 days. Ensuring the proper functioning of the platform and marketing publications occupy me on average 5 hours a day since the launch. Most of the time is spent updating inventory and prices. Then comes the new registrations of traders. Fortunately, I can count on the volunteer members of the Association Marguerittoise des Commerçants et Artisans (AMAC). Indeed, they are the relay between me and the various traders and local producers .

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