Restaurant menu digitized with QR Code

Creation of a digital restaurant menu , in partnership with Mon Community Manager. In fact, in June 2020, we are launching the site to meet Post Covid digital needs. Indeed, an entire profession such as catering has to deal with the management of paper menus in the dining room. This is why we have developed this referencing site for restaurants and breweries. Our desire is to offer a real service with the digitization of the Libya Email List restaurant menu and wine lists. With an option such as online reservation such as the El Trio restaurant in Nimes with receipt of the order by Email.

Afterwards, it will be up to you to remind your client of the reservation to validate with them the various elements such as the number of people, tables and the time of arrival. Reservation & referencing website for restaurant My Menu Restaurant menu digitized with QR Code The Covid has accelerated the demand for the digitalization of corporate communication . And real problems have arisen in certain sectors such as catering. In order to avoid having to manage paper restaurant menus to manage in addition to other issues related to the coronavirus.

Many businesses have opted for the QR Code

By definition, a QR Code refers to a web page. So, we can imagine presenting either the restaurant menu or direct access to the online reservation. Or even both! All on a web page dedicated to the establishment in order to provide it with additional visibility to work on its SEO. This service reinforces your visibility on your establishment’s social networks and can be the subject of additional communication tools such as the 5-digit Facebook counter . And it is from this constant that My Menu Restaurant .com was born. A restaurant menu digitized with QR Code How to read a QR code What is a QR Code? So on this subject, we recommend the article dedicated to the QR Code .

In summary, a QR Code is a digital bar code . And it allows you to go directly to a web page without having to go through a search on search engines like Google or Bing. Also, it avoids having a loss of traffic (towards a competitor better placed than you on Google for example…). Optimizes your traffic and develops the audience by positioning it on your business card or Advertising at the point of sale. So what if you are looking to gain web visibility to make your establishment stand out? Or what if you would like an online reservation service and / or presentation of your restaurant menu? You may be interested in our My Menu Restaurant web tool! Ask for a free quote from our sales department and advice will come back to you very quickly:

Why use a QR Code in your strategy?

Well, because using a QR code brings many advantages: Quick access to information Edit information as you like and when you want Widespread use: The application for reading QR codes is now integrated on all mobile phones. In France, according to a TNS AFMM study published in 2012, the rate of use of the QR CODE was already 53% and 89% were aware of its existence. With the over-media coverage of the means put in place to promote “contactless” during the Covid-19 health crisis, the rate of use has skyrocketed.

An aesthetic communication and marketing tool because it can be personalized and it is also adaptable to all communication media due to its small size. Without contact, it complies with prevention recommendations in the event of a health crisis. Digitization of your communication with the QR Cod Use of the QR Code in the digital strategy How to read a QR code ? How to scan QR codes ? You can read a QR code using your smartphone’s camera or a function built into the phone. And you scan, that is to say you pass your mobile over the QR code like a hand shower with the bar code of a product.

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